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The Same with Some Differences

A Round of Words in Eighty Days is set up to allow us to define our own writing goals. The main rule is that it must be something measurable. Word count, hours, chapters or pages are all easily accounted for. … Continue reading

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Inverness Prostitutes in Bomb Shelters

Not Really. But those two items were key searches that found my blog last week, so I thought I’d give the searchers a little something to find lol! I’m planning out my writing time for the summer. Next week I … Continue reading

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Wow. After two years of regular blogging, it is really weird not doing any interviews, SciFi Q of the day, or ROW80 posts for a month. But it’s good. I’ve been doing a little bit of crafty stuff, like making … Continue reading

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What Would Have Been

I enjoyed writing Synaesthesia and posting it one chapter at a time on the blog. I decided when it was finished that I would take a few weeks off, then begin another serial in the new year. For a while … Continue reading

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What Now?

It’s December 3, and NaNoWriMo is behind me. The level of writing I do during November is accelerated… other things get sacrificed so that I can put more energy into writing. But just because NaNoWriMo is over doesn’t mean I stop writing. I … Continue reading

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Getting My Brain Back to Where It Belongs

My brain might be part of my body, but it doesn’t always do my bidding. I want to finish Synaesthesia. I actually got pretty far along today; just two chapters and an epilogue left. It’s the hardest stage for me… … Continue reading

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Master of None

The phrase “Do one thing, and do it well.” never appealed to me. I had way too many interests to limit myself to a few, or heaven forbid just one. Of course, this was my downfall in my first attempt … Continue reading

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