Inverness Prostitutes in Bomb Shelters

800px-Invernesscastle1Not Really. But those two items were key searches that found my blog last week, so I thought I’d give the searchers a little something to find lol!

I’m planning out my writing time for the summer. Next week I have a blessed chunk of extra time each day because we’re paying the sitter to take the kids. I have editing to do for a friend, but I will be combining my time with my own writing.

Just exactly WHAT I’m writing is uncertain.

I have too many unfinished projects. However at this point in my career, that’s not exactly a bad thing. I don’t have any contracts yet. So instead of seeing the unfinished projects as a mire of despair, I look at it as a pool from which I can draw any one of several unfinished projects.

Short Stories: I should do more of these. Submitting once a week was nigh impossible. Perhaps finishing a story once a week is a better goal. I love the 2k’s… that’s a great length for me. If I write longer, I tend to overcomplicate things.

Pangalactic Sojourners: I would love to have all five books in rough draft form before I send them off. This is because I want them to intertwine more. I have a blog for the characters that I’m creating now, because the stories take place in 2012-2014ish. Some blog entries I make as I go, such as my characters’ take on current events, and other entries I post-date to reflect something that happened in their fictional world. The first book’s characters should be getting their HEA this summer. The next book’s HEA will be shortly thereafter. This series is dear to me, and I absolutely want to make it the best it can be.

Kingdom Come: Originally my mainstay, these stories of polyamorous romance are still inhabiting a portion of my brain. I’ve created a world I love and the possibilites for stories are endless. But they’re not what I’m concentrating on at the moment.

Victoria Pontifex: This is my Steampunk series. It began when a friend dared me to write a story with a Steampunk mermaid, an emo pirate, and a metrosexual naval officer. Then I realized that another story I was working on could easily be tweaked for the same world. Then I found an image I adore that inspired another story. I’m considering buying the rights to the image (I’ve already communicated with the artist) and using it as a cover for my 3-Day-Novel competition story. This means I would warm up for the Labor Day weekend event by working on Give Me Your Answer Do and To Whom She Was Wed at the end of the summer.

Besides the actual writing, there are numerous writing-related tasks that require my time. I’m editing for a friend, and will likely edit for one or two more at some point. I need to get my submission database in order so I can keep track of what I’ve sent where. I need to decide what gets stored in the cloud and what I keep on my machines at home. My laptop is old and may soon be replaced, so I need to figure out what files to copy over and which to delete (there’s a lot of blog stuff that does not need to live on my hard drive.) The organization of files I used when I was prepublished is not efficient now, so I need to redo that. It would benefit me if I looked more into how Microsoft’s Libraries work, as well as developing my knowledge of MS Access databases. That benefits my day job as well, as I teach MS Office in the Spring (usually.)

So the next step: Editing (which is going to take a couple of weeks) and looking at my list of possible submission markets. I think I’ve missed a few possibilities because the stories I was working on grew wonky legs and walked off in a direction that made no sense. Missed opportunities are regrettable, but not cause for great concern as long as I take advantage of new ones.

OK. I’ve figured it out now. Off I go! Wish me luck (wink wink)

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