SciFi Q of the Day: Caped Confessions

capeSciFi Question of the Day: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done while wearing a cape?

Facebook Answers:

  Douglas S Caprette I daresay that is begging the question…

  Sarah Deatherage well, it depends…are you talking onstage, or offstage?

  Emily Becker Priest ummm… won it a an amusement park and then proceeded to wear it the rest of the day… and yes this was well past my college graduation.

  Dennis Hotston Well, I kind of keep that in the tent……

  Derri Herbert I don’t know about stupidest, but got the biggest reaction? Ordering a hamburger at Mcdonald’s.

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Community

   Adam Haberlach   Is that while wearing just cape, or something with a cape.

Just looking for clarification.

  AmyBeth Inverness  Ummm… either.

Or an ascot. People do stupid things wearing ascots too.

  Jeff Love  Walked out into the road to stop traffic. I was 7 and in a Superman costume.

   Chris Wronka  I tried to run but I stepped on my cape and pulled myself down.

   Hayley Enoch  I know the answer you’re looking for is “Mouth of to my rival while floating next to a jet engine,” right?

  Trey Durant  Jumped off the roof… The ground is a lot harder than you would think.

  Kris Niedbalski  Isn’t wearing a cape sufficiently stupid to qualify?

  Nick W  Nothing because while wearing a cape nothing can go wrong.

Google Plus Answers, Speculative Fiction Writers Community:

  David Collins-Rivera  Smashed a neighbor’s windshield.  Twice.  (I wasn’t playing the hero those nights.)

  K R Smith  Just wearing the cape was stupid enough….

Google Plus Answers, Public Post:  

  Aaron Gordon  Shot water balloons at a police car from the roof of a friend’s house, at about 3 AM. We didn’t realize it was a cop til the lights turned on.

  Laura Klein  Rode a bicycle.

In a cape.

I’ll let your imagination do the rest.

   Jon Evans  My cape has special powers — everything I do in it becomes awesome. 🙂

SciFi Q of the Day 2013

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1 Response to SciFi Q of the Day: Caped Confessions

  1. The closest thing I’ve come to wearing a cape was when I was around 5 years old, and I had my mom safety pin a towel around my neck. Then I basically ran around in circles in the back yard trying to make it stream out behind me.

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