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The Changing Times

I avoid writing contemporary because it’s too easy to get some detail wrong and have it take people out of the story. When I write about the past, it’s an alternative Steampunk world where I can make up whatever details … Continue reading

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Advance Warning of Chaos

Life would be so much easier if I could get advance warning of chaos. If I could just plan for it… …well, it would be less chaotic. Now for my ROW80 Goals post! The last round (AKA the NaNo round) … Continue reading

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Inverness Prostitutes in Bomb Shelters

Not Really. But those two items were key searches that found my blog last week, so I thought I’d give the searchers a little something to find lol! I’m planning out my writing time for the summer. Next week I … Continue reading

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Where’s the Reset Button?

Have you ever put a significant amount of work into a project just to discover that, somewhere along the line, you took a wrong turn and need to reset everything back to the way it was? I had at least … Continue reading

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Free At Last!

Thank God Almighty, I’m Free At Last! Yesterday was my first free Tuesday in months. I’m done teaching for the semester, and probably won’t teach again until next Spring. I like that schedule… it keeps my hand in the professional … Continue reading

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