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The In-Between Time

I just got back from Starfest in Denver, and this coming weekend is the Pikes Peak Writers Conference here in Colorado Springs. My brain just might explode. Starfest was primarily family time, though we did do some things separately. I … Continue reading

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The Murders of Luna

Recently there has been a fun meme going around about inserting “And then the murders began,” as the second line in your favorite book. For example: One sunny Sunday, the caterpillar was hatched out of a tiny egg. He was … Continue reading

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Managing My OCD

Managing my OCD means wanting to make/revise all the family appointments with doctors, therapists, dentists, church, professional stuff and everything then entering them into a database that references the family members involved, which doctor, which location, the associated phone numbers, … Continue reading

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PPWC My Biggest Regret

It’s been a few weeks since I attended my first writers’ conference. For three days I soaked up everything I could from authors, agents, publishers, and others in the field. I rubbed elbows with lovers of Steampunk, writers of Romance, … Continue reading

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Where’s the Reset Button?

Have you ever put a significant amount of work into a project just to discover that, somewhere along the line, you took a wrong turn and need to reset everything back to the way it was? I had at least … Continue reading

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Living Vicariously for RWA11 (Blog Post One)

RWA11 Tweets for us to live vicariously For some of us, the “Ah, someday…” dream refers to more than landing a great agent or *gasp* seeing our names on a published work. For some of us, “Ah, someday…” refers to … Continue reading

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