Managing My OCD

Managing my OCD means wanting to make/revise all the family appointments with doctors, therapists, dentists, church, professional stuff and everything then entering them into a database that references the family members involved, which doctor, which location, the associated phone numbers, as well as notes about what is involved with each and making the information flow into a calendar that syncs to all devices as well as magically prints to my desk and wall calendars…

…but realizing that the level of organization that requires is highly unreasonable, not to mention slightly beyond the capabilities of the technology available to me.

Managing my OCD means wanting to go back through about 15k of my handwritten WIP and figure out what the timeline should be, seasons in particular, as well as noting all the minor characters and other details I forgot to jot down as I wrote…

…but realizing that the important thing is having a general awareness of the seasons as the story progresses (MC is a meteorologist so it is relevant) and most of the little details like the name of the cat can be fixed when I go back to transcribe the whole thing.

Managing my OCD means I desperately want to be stuck in a rut where my schedule is very predictable and regular. I love the “extras” that come up such as conferences and family outings, but they need to be placed in an open framework of daily life that flows fluidly and seamlessly.

…but realizing that life is, by nature, chaotic, and as much as I want to harness that chaos, I will never be able to do so no matter how much I scale back.

This Round of Words in 80 Days is coming to a close. The next round starts in April. I have some very specific ideas of what steps I need to take next in my writing career. I will build these into my weekly goals. However I have the Pikes Peak Writers Conference coming up in April, and I expect I will gain a lot of perspective, advice, and hopefully clarity at that time. I will probably have a loose-ish set of goals and ideas about where I need to go next, then refine that into a strategic plan after conference.

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2 Responses to Managing My OCD

  1. denizb33 says:

    This sounds familiar to me. I make so many lists… I tend to try to deal with all by adding the extraneous stuff or the long-term stuff I’d love to do to an “if I had an intern” list…
    I learned something from Anne Wheaton (Wil Wheaton’s wife), that I haven’t actually applied yet — if you can, it’s a good idea to schedule an annual health day, so that your dental checkups, doctor checkups, ob/gyn visits, all that sort of thing (not other necessary visits but just the routine checks), are all on the same 1–2 days each year. Wouldn’t that be neat?

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