The In-Between Time

Exercising great self control, not turning into a puddle of fangirl goo when taking a selfie with Kevin J. Anderson.

I just got back from Starfest in Denver, and this coming weekend is the Pikes Peak Writers Conference here in Colorado Springs.

My brain just might explode.

Starfest was primarily family time, though we did do some things separately. I attended a few sessions for writers, and enjoyed them immensely. Kevin J. Anderson, a big name in the SFF community is a local and so we are lucky enough to get to see him at several events throughout the year. He’s a great guy, and he and his wife Rebecca Moesta are very supportive of up-and-coming writers like me.

I am extremely fortunate to be a recipient of a scholarship to attend this year’s conference! I will be moderating for Shannon Lawrence’s session on submitting short stories, and for all of Michael Underwood’s sessions.

Writing goals this week?
Not so hot, even though I did more writing-related stuff. At Starfest I got a couple of really good story ideas, so I’m outlining them and putting them on the shelf. I need to finish my WIP. I have promised my brain that I will let it return to the Steampunk world as soon as this rough draft is done.

One of my goals this round is to go to conference and seek guidance regarding The Cities of Luna and my long-term career plans. Meanwhile…

Just keep writing..

Just keep writing…

Just keep writing…



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3 Responses to The In-Between Time

  1. nagrij says:

    You forgot the part where you take a breath, relax, and enjoy yourself. Have fun!

  2. shanjeniah says:

    You have been one busy lady! And woot on the new ideas! =D

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