Options…So Many Options

When I put a pause on the monthly releases in The Cities of Luna in January, I took a deep breath and took a good look at all my options. I have a couple of different series on the shelf, waiting for me to finish them. In both Pangalactic Sojourners and Victoria Pontifex I want an overall arc for the series. Both are five books, but I already have more ideas for a second set of five in the Steampunk. My brain really wants to go back to Steampunk, and I’ve promised myself I can go back to it after I finish the rough draft of Twenty-First Century Airship Princess.

At the Pikes Peak Writers Conference last weekend, Kevin Ikenberry mentioned that he’d had some fun with Kindle Worlds. It’s not a path to fame and fortune, and Amazon owns the rights so you can’t take your story and run elsewhere with it, but there are advantages to writing in a world that has already been created and promoted. I looked around today and saw a couple that looked interesting.

And then there’s the Paradisi Chronicles… another shared world I’d like to dive into…

I promised my brain I could go back to Steampunk next. I don’t know whether I’ll just work out the overall arc, or whether I’ll go on and do the rough drafts (rewriting some, fleshing out the outline for others) before I go back to Airship Princess. I want to enter it in a contest, and I think the deadline is in the fall.

I already have the sparkle of an idea for a sequel to Airship Princess as well as for a sequel to my short story With Her Blessing which comes out in the Futurescapes anthology soon. Both stories use the theme of how family relationships are affected when one member takes the leap to work and live in space. I also have a short story called Space Squid that I need to submit somewhere…

Career Goal: Make enough money that I can concentrate mostly on the actual writing/revising process, getting all these ideas out, without having to worry about the real life difficulties of juggling one car with a family of four or stretching leftovers into something that my kids will actually eat.

Anyone else out there trying to decide which projects to give their attention to?

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