I'm not done covering her tail in beads yet, but I like the way the corset turned out.

I’m not done covering her tail in beads yet, but I like the way the corset turned out.


After two years of regular blogging, it is really weird not doing any interviews, SciFi Q of the day, or ROW80 posts for a month.

But it’s good. I’ve been doing a little bit of crafty stuff, like making a mermaid and a nessie to clip onto my tote bag at the PPW conference this weekend. My brain really needed that break.

This will be my first professional conference. I’m taking the advice of many who’ve gone before me and using it to learn, network, and improve my own writing skills. I am not going to pitch. In fact, I don’t have anything ready to pitch at the moment. I have my steampunk mermaid story Give Me Your Answer Do back from Shelton with a TON of great comments and suggestions. I’m going to polish it and use it for my critique/feedback work at the conference.

Another thing I’m hoping to glean from the conference is how to balance the blogging with the writing. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to keep up with regular posts for two years now. I’m disappointed in myself that I do not yet have one good polished novel ready to query. I need to remain flexible though; the path I’m on is different than the path I’d planned, but it’s a good path. I just have to make sure it still leads where I want to go.

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