Getting My Brain Back to Where It Belongs

My brain might be part of my body, but it doesn’t always do my bidding.

I want to finish Synaesthesia. I actually got pretty far along today; just two chapters and an epilogue left. It’s the hardest stage for me… where I know exactly what happens, and I wish it was already written so I could read it! But I haven’t actually put down the words yet.

This is why I like NaNoWriMo. I write much better when there’s an externally-imposed deadline. It’s not so much for my own motivation as it is my excuse and justification. When I did the 3 Day Novel, I had my hubby’s support to take charge of the kids all weekend. He even found me a place to hide away from the world.

I can’t do that every weekend.

I can’t do NaNoWriMo every month.

But one thing I’ve learned about my own writing style is that I’m better and Pantsing. Like now, I was about to log on and say “Uh… I’m getting there…” and magically there are all these other words coming out of my fingertips!

Maybe it’s just the fact that my 12yo is vaccuuming the hall and that makes me happy…


Progress… yes. I have to do an unreal amount of proofreading tonight to turn in tomorrow, but I can do it even though I’ll be getting to bed late. I got a lot done on Synaesthesia; only two chapters and an epilogue to go.

Which brings me back to what I started to say in the beginning of this post before I started rambling. I have been working at getting my brain back to where it belongs.  Synaesthesia is not some little side project I can ignore. I’m posting one chapter at a time, and it would be a huge waste (and disappoint about, oh, eight people who read it) if I just gave up with only a few chapters left. Also, I like it!

My brain wants to think about my story for NaNoWriMo. For some writers, that might be a good thing. Have the plot percolating in the back of their brain for a couple of weeks, then be ready to roll on November 1. Not me. Once it starts, it pushes out all else, and I have to finish a few other things first. Sure, WIP1 and WIP2 can pause till December. But I must finish Synaesthesia and I really want to button up Give Me Your Answer Do as well. And the other danger for me is that once I start really thinking about it, I have to start writing. I have resisted even making little notes, because I’m not sure I could stop myself from doing more.

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3 Responses to Getting My Brain Back to Where It Belongs

  1. It sounds to me that you want to finish Synaesthesia because you feel obligated too, you feel like you shouldn’t give up on a MS.
    I gave up of about 5 MSs so far, I think, and when they were pretty close to the end … it is the way it works. You can’t force it out, at least I think you shouldn’t, cause then it’ll read as if you forced it out … so I gave up on them, with intentions of someday work on strengthening their plot … however, so far I’ve been busy writing other MSs lol
    Anyway, this might not be the reason why you’re having trouble with it … then sorry for sticking my nose lol
    Just hang in there! If this is what you love, it’ll come to you 😉

  2. The problem isn’t so much with forcing it out… it’s that my brain is working faster than my fingers. Actually, my fingers might be able to keep up, but then there’s all those pesky little interruptions that get in the way. I’ve recently discovered that this tends to happen towards the end of every WIP… I know what happens, I just haven’t got it from brain to fingers to words yet! And meanwhile, since my BRAIN knows what happens, my brain is ready to move on to the next project! But I need my brain to stay with the WIP just a wee bit longer, long enough to get the words onto virtual paper.

    And feel free to stick your nose in anytime lol!

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