SyFy Q of the Day: Betty White

SciFi Q of the Day: Which Television franchise could benefit most from a guest appearance by Betty White, and what character would she play?




   Gwendolyn Wilkins    Survivor and be the last one standing!!!!

   Joel Moore                   The green girl on star trek. Lol

   Dan Bressler               I want to see her interviewing players on Monday Night Football.

   Pony Horton               Terra Nova. She could take over command of the colony.

Google Plus:

Edward Branley's profile photo   Edward Branley                –  star trek, because she could team up with Captain Sulu and Captain Picard…they don’t take themselves seriously, anyway…

Nuno Ricardo's profile photo   Nuno Ricardo                 –  Star Trek as Kurt’s hottest new fling.
David Foster's profile photo   David Foster                   –  I want to see her as a Klingon.
Brian Covault's profile photo   Brian Covault                  –  These answer can’t all be Star Trek! I say Dr. Who in a special, two-part episode in which the Doctor implants a directive into the Daleks rendering them unable to exterminate senior citizens and then sends in Betty White to beat them into submission with a good, old-fashioned, long-winded tongue lashing. 10 hours later, the Daleks kill themselves in a wave of insanity.

Anthony Mathenia's profile photo   Anthony Mathenia           –  Walking Dead — random zombie.

John Moretz's profile photo   John Moretz                     –  Warehouse 13 as one of the artifacts

Glenn Rogers's profile photo   Glenn Rogers                    –  Glee. One of the kids. What the hell.

Tyler Gurdak's profile photo   Tyler Gurdak                    –  Doctor Who. She could play the Doctors grandmother. They could some how write it.

John Moretz's profile photo   John Moretz                       –  Betty White could be Caprica Six’s saucy mom, Caprica Sixty-Nine, on the Ronald D. Moore version of Battlestar Galactica.

She’s always uttering double entendres and causing humorous embarrassing situations for Caprica Six.

O, what wackiness…She’s Sue Anne Nivens of space! (O, Saul Tigh, you sweet, lovable, bald, drunk, final five, maniac, you!)

I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

So… I’m trying out a new look. I think I like it! Now I have to update my artwork so it says SciFi instead of SyFy. I’m also using Betty White’s image just linked from another site, instead of uploading it. We’ll see how that works out too!

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