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This blog post is unfinished! It is only published so that I can show Miss. Overdose the article I’m writing where I mention her, and hope to be allowed to use a few of her images.

It’s interesting how you can often tell in what era a SciFi show or movie was filmed by the style of their futuristic clothing. In the sixties and seventies, it was all slick vinyl and sparkles. Stretchy jumpsuits lasted for several decades. In the eighties, it was wild make-up, elaborate hair, and metallics. In the nineties, the women’s costumes got even skimpier, if that was possible. They also kicked butt a little harder.

There were exceptions, of course. But it wasn’t until the twenty-first century that we started to see more SciFi with comfortable, simple, realistic clothing. Firefly is one of my favorites, with a space-western feel that shows most ordinary people wearing comfortable clothing that is a very simple and basic interpretation of the clothing humans have been wearing for decades. Button down shirts for the men, and a variety of clothes for the women depending on whether they were fixing engines, fighting bad guys, or seducing potential lovers.

I’m writing novels and short stories, not scripts. So I shouldn’t have to worry too much about what my characters are wearing. However, I do want to make sure my readers have the flavor of the characters and setting, and that includes fashion.

I like to have a specific image of each character in mind when I write. Sometimes, it’s a famous actor (Like Nathan Fillion inspiring the look of Admiral Nautipantz in Give Me Your Answer Do!) and sometimes I go to a place like Model Mayhem and browse for just the right person. (Although since November, I haven’t been able to narrow my searches on MM and I don’t know why… I’m certainly not going to page through thousands just to find one male with the right build and look.)

One of my favorites is model and artist Ophelia Overdose. She creates amazing images with clothes that run from classically surreal to the ridiculously outrageous. Browsing through her portfolio is a great way to unstick a brain that’s suffering from writer’s block!

(Here is where I’m hoping to insert at least a couple of pictures… one that fits the “classically surreal” where she’s dressed in something that you can image a well-dressed SciFi heroine wearing, and one that shows her more outrageous outfits.)

Other inspirations? Not that I can think of… maybe we’ll see what shows up on the red carpet. The Golden Globes are tomorrow… that could be good timing.

Next I’ll segue into my favorite designers, Shyamal & Bhumika, but I think I’ll do a separate blog post of all the others.


I think I’ll put all the Bollywood fashion into a blog post of their own.

From Sheela:

Some of the indian designers I like, prefer their Bridal and Sari collection..You can have a look at that.

Ritu Beri
Manish Malhotra
Tarun Tahiliani
Abu Jani
Sandeep Khosla
Neeta Lulla

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