Title and Tagline

Away From Sunrise

Old enough to pay her own way but still young enough to believe in her own invincibility, a former nanny packs her life into a used station wagon and turns her back to the sunrise, heading west to reclaim the life she used to have, in the only state she’d ever found love.

This post is for the Write on Edge prompt to write a title and tagline for some episode in one’s own life. I decided to choose the time that I decided not to renew my nanny contract in Connecticut, and I returned to Wyoming.

Wyoming was not where I grew up… it was where I spent two years of college before dropping out to be a nanny. To confuse things more, my parents had moved from where I grew up (Colorado) so going home to them (in Vermont) meant living in a secure place, but with no friends. I chose to go to Wyoming, even though I barely had enough funds to get me across the country, driving alone in a station wagon, and enough money for two months rent.

Looking back, this was a huge, probably stupid risk. But I enjoyed the trip; it was my first taste of truly being responsible for myself. College and nannydom had been very safe situations. It was an uneventful trip, and I arrived in Cheyenne on schedule, staying with friends for a week then finding an apartment, a job, and eventually meeting my husband.

I want comments!

In particular, I want to hear people give their (probably better) versions of the back-cover blurb. Go ahead and assume details if it helps! (Yes, there were ex-boyfriends involved, but nothing ever came of it.)

The shortlink for this post is http://wp.me/p1qnT4-zf

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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1 Response to Title and Tagline

  1. Nancy says:

    You live in Vermont (however temporarily), and you were a nanny… I lived in Vermont, and was a nanny. I love finding things in common with people!

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