SciFi Q of the Day: Changing a Lightbulb

SciFi Question of the Day (Behind the scenes version): How many grips does it take to change a lightbulb?



Facebook Answers

   Charlie Cecil Riley    Depends on which union they belong to.

   Joseph Kerezman    At least you didn’t ask about the Teamsters. BTW, How do you know when a Teamsters dies? The Doughnut falls out of his hand. 😀

   Katherine Noel    Actually… It takes Gaffers to change a lightbulb, the grips just stand around holding onto their.. um… How many crew does it take to change a lightbulb? Well… The Director to notice the light is wrong!, the head electrician to say you can get close to the rigging, the best boy to throw at the rigging to make sure it is not grounding, a gaffer to climb up and change it, the grip to plug it back in to see if it works, the PA to look at it and run to the cinematographer to check the light color… Sigh.

Google Plus Answers:

Kimberly Unger's profile photo   Kimberly Unger  –  Seven 🙂 One to hold the bulb and 6 to get experience so they can apply for union membership 🙂

Abiola Abrams's profile photo   Abiola Abrams  –  +Kimberly Unger That’s hilarious!

AmyBeth Inverness's profile photo   AmyBeth Inverness  –  +Abiola Abrams you should see the previous question about SciFi on Fox lol!

Abiola Abrams's profile photo   Abiola Abrams  –  Okay, +AmyBeth Inverness, here’s a bad one: Six, 1 to screw in the lightbulb and 5 to flirt with the cute P.A.!!


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  2. Atom Bot says:

    You should be sure to change the light bulb out with an LED from our students robotics team. please help us get to the world championships and green the planet

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