SciFi Q of the Day: Release the Kraken!

SciFi Question of the Day: If someone yelled “Release the Kraken!” Would you do it? Assuming, of course, you’re standing next to the big “Pull here to release the Kraken” lever…

Facebook Answers:

  Matt Petersen of course…then pull out medusa’s head from the burlap sack I am holding to watch it freeze and fall apart. 🙂

  Bernard Hildebrand Considering there’s a lever to pull indicates that the Kraken is being held against it’s will. Be free Kraken!!!

  Charlie Cecil Riley Depends. Who’s supposed to be Kraken Chow?

  Jess Cruger I am always looking for an excuse to release the Kraken.

Google Plus Answers:

Kathleen Dale's profile photo
  Kathleen Dale  –  Wrong lever, Kronk! Why do we even HAVE that lever?

Glenn Rogers's profile photo  Glenn Rogers  –  How much money are we talkin’? I don’t work for free…

Brittany Constable's profile photo  Brittany Constable  –  Do I have a video camera?

AmyBeth Inverness's profile photo  AmyBeth Inverness  –  Um… sure… a waterproof one. Like, submersible…

Brittany Constable's profile photo  Brittany Constable  –  Then totes. YouTube fame, baby!

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It was actually kinda hard to find this clip on YouTube… you wouldn’t believe how many times this phrase has been spoofed!

OK… maybe you will…

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