Joanie Has a New Friend

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about Joanie, my Barnes & Noble Nook.

A couple days ago, Joanie got a new friend… a Kindle I won in Charles JustizFacebook Contest promoting his book, Specific Impulse. That’s his book, actually on the ISS… not photoshopped! AstroCady brought it up for him. Apparently, she left it there for other astronauts to enjoy!

It was good timing. Our oldest is about to turn 13, and she’s always asking to borrow Joanie. So this Kindle is destined for her, as a special birthday present that comes with the caveat “But you have to take good care of it!”

Now, I just need to figure out… how do I put a password into it so that I can download some books for her, but NOT give her the ability to download or buy anything?

Hopefully someone knows. With Joanie, she’s password protected, but it’s a password just to engage her in the first place. It’s all or nothing. With the Kindle, I’m hoping that my daughter can turn it on and use it, but not buy stuff on Mom’s credit card.

That would be rather disastrous!

A quick update for #ROW80…

This round I have not written as much as I’d hoped, but I’m OK with that for now. I started teaching again, and I’m struggling with over commitment. Two weeks left, then I’ll reevaluate my priorities.

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