One Year In

I honestly don’t remember the day, but I know it was March something…

My blog is one year old.

Maybe I should have some kind of celebration, but honestly, I feel more like my anniversary is in November. NaNoWriMo 2010 was the occasion on which I decided to pursue writing with the aim of being a published writer.

I’ve come a long way in the past sixteen months. I have a good internet presence, many friendly contacts in the writing community, a shortlist of agents who who might like what I write, a recognizable pseudonym, a regularly updated blog, several rough drafts ready for re-writes and edits, and my first story will be published in Felt Tips this winter.

I don’t feel too bad about not meeting my own goals for ROW80 this round. These past (almost) 80 days I’ve learned a lot about how writing works for me. I’m working towards treating writing like a job; making the time to accomplish not only the rough drafts, but also the social networking, establishing and growing a platform, and then doing the editing/polishing necessary.

I’m rethinking my goals for the next round. I still really want to break the #2k1hr barrier. I think I can do it, I just need to be writing every day. Being in the habit of writing every day is the only way to become that productive. I can’t sit down after not having written for a week and expect to produce even 1k in an hour, much less 2k.

The next round begins on April 2nd, which happens to be our 17th wedding anniversary. 🙂 Most importantly, the round ends in mid June, immediately before the Star Trek Phase II shoot. I’m going to be working with scripts and continuity this year, so for those two weeks all of my attention will be focused in Port Henry, NY. But even before the shoot, I will be getting ready, reading through the script and making sure I’m familiar with the software we’ll be using. So my goals for the next round will need to reflect that.

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1 Response to One Year In

  1. Bookworm says:

    AmyBeth! [waiving a very cold TALL ice tea at my comp screen]
    Congratulations woman! It is a milestone and should be celebrated 😀
    Wishing you all the best and many years of success in anything you do 😀


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