SciFi Q of the Day: Time Traveler’s Naïveté

Perhaps bowler hats will be back in fashion several centuries in the future? Click the pic for a cute short story!

SciFi Question of the Day: If a person from the 29th century was stranded in our time, what possibly deadly mistakes might they make out of naïveté?

Facebook Answers:

  Daniel Beard steps down an elevator shaft thinking it is a drop tube and expects a gentle stop at the bottom. not the hard stop.

  Gwendolyn Wilkins Crossing the road without looking

  Eden Mabee My husband says “Breathe the air”  I say… Dare to suggest they are more civilized or advanced because of the century they are born in. I mean…look at us compared to some of the societies of the past.

  James Lucius That depends. If they planned to come here and were stranded due to some accident, then naiveté itself was the deadliest mistake.

  Charles Root Jr Walking around in a gated community with a hoodie on

  Daniel Beard to use a lyric of Tom Lehrer “Don’t drink the water, and don’t breathe the air.”

  Dede Pazour McDonalds

  Bernard Hildebrand Peeing on the third rail

  Jonathan A. Turgeon Not knowing facebook hasnt ruled the world yet

Google Plus Answers:

  Laston Kirkland  cars don’t have any hyper reactive collision avoidance… I’m sure that in the future a person could run through light traffic going 70mph without even worrying that one of these cars might hit him.

  Ron Whitmire  Kind of difficult for us to answer, without knowing what the 29th century is like. I guess showing up in Arizona without their immigration papers would be one possible mistake.

  Peter Dexter  die flippantly, thinking there’s a resurrection ship nearby ….

  john edwards  Announce their presence in public without a means of escape or self defense.

  Moe Tousignant  Start playing MMO and die of starvation.

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4 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Time Traveler’s Naïveté

  1. If you could clone any human (not related to you) from the 20th century, who would it be?

  2. You wake up in a laboratory and a lab-coated person informs you that you are not the original “you” but a clone. After an orientation period during which you realize that they are indeed telling the truth (and you meet the “original” you) the scientists give you $250,000 starter money, a SSN, passport, and other necessary ID (Different than the “original”)
    …what would you do with your life?

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