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SciFi Q of the Day: Forwards or Backwards

SciFi Question of the Day: What reasons are there to argue that it is more feasible to travel backwards in time than to travel forwards, or vice versa? Facebook Answers:   Elsie LiftPort Ask a baby, they have to ride backwards in … Continue reading

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Atemporal Masturbation

Apparently, I’m an expert. No no no… not in the actual act, but apparently in the naming thereof. It all started with this article about Dr. Who and Torchwood’s John Barrowman to be replaced by younger Captain Jack in Doctor Who … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Time Traveler’s Naïveté

SciFi Question of the Day: If a person from the 29th century was stranded in our time, what possibly deadly mistakes might they make out of naïveté? Facebook Answers:   Daniel Beard steps down an elevator shaft thinking it is a drop … Continue reading

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