No musing blog post this time, just a quick “How’s it going?” for #ROW80.

Goals are good!

Tonight I’m working on finishing my last proofreading assignment before I turn in my resignation.

I’ll be concentrating on the Pangalactic Sojourners series for now, since it has sparked some interest.

All the regular blog stuff is as steady as ever.

The biggest still-unfinished commitments are critiquing for Geri, and studying the Bread and Savagery script for the Star Trek Phase II shoot in June.

The shortlink for this post is http://wp.me/p1qnT4-Lz

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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4 Responses to Quickie

  1. NC Narrator says:

    Love the rainbow cross! I’m making a personal commitment to write while I’m taking these machining classes. I don’t want to let my writing slide, and I know I’m going to be busy!

    • I spent quite a few hours on the cross… the rainbow flag that looks like flagstones was creative commons, as was the spacey background (thanks NASA!) It’s a good symbol for the Pangalactic Sojourners. The stories aren’t SciFi… but the characters are all SciFi fans! Rainbow for GLBT and the cross for obvious reasons.

      I know what you mean about other stuff nudging the writing out of the way. I think your training right now is really important… but also temporary. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to write as much for a while. Just know that you can come back to it when the training’s over!

      And hopefully the well-paying kinds of jobs you can get with the training will help give you more flexible time too.

  2. WOW, congrats on turning in your resignation. I’m new to your blog so perhaps you’ve already explained this, but what are you moving on to? Regardless, very cool stuff! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      A year ago a beta-reader commented that the relationships between the men in my polyamorous stories were under-developed. So I started proofreading (as a volunteer) for a publisher of M-M erotica. I think it definitely helped improve my writing, as well as help me to define where my own comfort level is. I’m quitting so I can concentrate more on my writing.

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