Last week I posted this SciFi Question of the Day on both Facebook and Google Plus:

SciFi Question of the Day: If an intelligent, alien race that values peace, kindness, and the spirit of community (IE working together to make things better for all involved) were to visit Earth today, randomly walking into various communities instead of approaching heads of governments, how would they judge the various multitudes across the planet? How would your own community fare in comparison?

I knew that there would be at least a few people saying negative things about the human race, but I expected that there would be at least a few who would find the good in us.

Not a chance.

On both sites, the comments ran from mild “…there’s a good chance they won’t hate us completely…” to vitriolic “I suspect our lip-service to peace, love, and harmony juxtaposed with our propensity for violence on the micro- and macro-scale (small animals, spanking children up to dropping atom bombs and genocide) would confuse and scare them. ”


I don’t think so. I really don’t. From the first caveman who learned to bind a wound on some other caveman, humans have always helped each other. Sure, we hear about horrible deeds every day, but that’s because it’s the exception, not the rule. If I walk down the street and trip, I will have total strangers come to my aid; they won’t descend on me like wolves.

I think it’s popular these days for us to hate ourselves. I really hope we, as a species, grow out of it. Self-deprecating humor is considered humble. Women compare themselves to some ridiculous ideal and feel inferior. And one of the strongest, yet most ridiculous memes is Americans hating and/or apologizing for being American! Why do so many US citizens believe that the rest of the world hates us? Are they really basing this so-called-knowledge on the actions of a few extremists or terrorists? Because I really don’t get that “vibe” from the rest of the planet. I’ve only traveled internationally a handful of times, but people are people everywhere you go. We have diverse opinions regarding what makes a good government or what the best methods of child-rearing are, but overall we all just want to get along.

There are nations ruled by anarchy or oppressive regimes, but the people living in these nations are still good, decent human beings. Again, it’s the exception, not the rule. Unfortunately, sometimes “the exception” gains an inordinate amount of power and then abuses it. But even the raging rivalry between Republicans and Democrats is based on the fact that both want what is best for the nation at large. They simply disagree about how to do that or what it means.

I think that if aliens walked among us today, blending in so we would act naturally, they would be pleased with what they’d find. They’d find emergency services that rush out to help whomever calls, without first judging whether or not that help is deserved, or asking the person to give them money before help is rendered. They’d see someone accidentally drop something on the street, just to have a perfect stranger rush to pick it up and hand it back. They’d find a race of people who care about each other on an individual level, even though the governments that rule them often disagree.

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