Close Enough

Last night we had a power outage. No big deal, although the thunder was loud, the hail brief but violent, the children hyper and the pets confused. Of course, the battery on my ageing laptop only lasts about a half hour, so there was no work to be done anyway.

I did it! Or, at least close enough to “it” that I’m calling it ready-to-move-on. A couple days ago I finally finished my Marie Antionette story What Would Have Been and scheduled the blog posts to pop up in a timely fashion. I finished proofreading for one friend, but I still have to finish critting a novel for another friend. (That’s where the term “close enough” comes in.) Now I feel comfortable with setting this round’s goals and focusing my attention on the Pangalactic Sojourners.

  • Continue with the regular blog commitments. This is so easy, I won’t bother going into detail. The “regular” stuff I do on my blog is all routine now and fairly easy to manage.
  • Write every day. OK, I’ll allow myself one day a week where no #AmWriting happens, but it can’t turn into falling off the wagon. Although adding to the WIP is, of course, most desirable, writing counts as blog posts (both real and fictional ones) responding to prompts with short little things I share with other writers, or jotting down something in a notebook because I’m away from the computer. Here’s what constitutes writing every day:
        • 500 words: not great, but acceptable.
        • 1,000 words: an average day. Good, but not great.
        • 2,000 words: the goal… the high mark, the number I strive for, even knowing that most days I won’t be able to reach it.
  • I still have one elusive goal I’m chasing… I can usually do #1k1hr as long as I’m warmed up and in writing mode. But I have yet to break the #2k1hr barrier. I’ll keep working at that!
  • I’m not going to add in exercise goals or anything like that this time. Just writing. I need to make writing a priority, not something I let myself do when everything else is finished.

Hey! I know why I didn’t finish everything yet…

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6 Responses to Close Enough

  1. Dahnya Och says:

    Huh. Allowing yourself one day to not write sounds very nice. I always beat myself up on Sunday when I just can’t write (I have four classes this term, all with homework on Sunday, so I blame that)… but maybe I just need to admit that it’s not “falling off the wagon” (as you put it) if I just let myself have that day off.

    I’ve heard a lot about #1k1hr but I haven’t followed up. If you’re having such luck too, maybe I should! #2k1hr is about what I do for Fast Draft… it’s all about turning your brain off and just writing what comes out of your fingertips. Very relaxing once you learn the trick.

    Good luck to you the rest of this week! May you have nothing but 2k+ words a day!

  2. I have to give myself a little leeway, or one day of not writing turns into two or three. If I tell myself “Well, that was the one day I didn’t get it done.” I can dive right back into writing the next day.

    I love doing #1k1hr with friends on twitter. Sometimes it’s just the kick in the pants I need to put aside the housework and the other stuff that also has to get done.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. kimpdx says:

    Congratulations on finishing your story! Hurray! This sounds like a great set of goals–looking forward to hearing more.

  4. Jess Witkins says:

    Hi AmyBeth! I like your breakdown of wordcount goals and what constitutes as writing. I may need to adopt a similar clarification for my goal list.

    Your Marie Antoinette books sounds awesome! Good luck with the editing process if that’s the next step!!

    • Thanks! The next step is to leave it on the shelf until I can see the forest for the trees. I have to wrap my brain around something totally different for at least a month before I can do justice to the editing process.

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