SciFi Q of the Day: Dark Side vs Dork Side

SciFi Question of the Day: If the Dark Side has cookies, what does the Dork Side have to offer?



Twitter Answer:

Facebook Answers:

  Kevin McCullen Mostly coffee.

  Charlie Cecil Riley Mountain Dew and Skittles.

  Emily Becker Priest Def. Mtn. Dew… but I’d go with M & Ms

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Skittles? Oh, no, don’t tell Branli …

  Branli Caidryn I’m switching teams…

  AmyBeth Fredricksen WHAT?!?

  Branli Caidryn ‎… they have skittles :-\

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Oh! You’re going to the Dork side. I thought you were already there…

  Branli Caidryn Lol nice

  Juno Suk The milk.

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Now, see, that’s the problem with the Dark Side. They offer you cookies, but withhold the milk.

  Ben Chessor Virgins

  Juno Suk They figure just in case the force choke doesn’t hold… dry cookies without milk. Bingo.

  William J. Teegarden Doritoes, Coke, and a twenty-sided die. Roll wisely…

  Brian Covault Anything with peanut butter in it. That’s the ticket.

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Yeah. I heard the Dark Side had to go completely nut-free. Allergies, you know.

  Brian Covault What??!!! What kind of Dark Side has allergies? It’s mad I tell you, mad!

  Box O’ Munchkins No NUTS on the Dark Side? The Dork side probably has Extra dark rich chocolate. (In the Books Lando Calrissian enjoys a cup of Hot Chocolate on a balcony)

  Dan Bressler Really cool music videos…

Roll a D6

Google Plus Answers:

  Meghan Riley  Gummy Bears

  Brent Stires  Cupcakes!

  Katey Springle Lempka   Mountain Dew and Pizza.

  AmyBeth Inverness  Interesting how Mountain Dew came up quickly on both Facebook and G+… because it is true.

  Miaka Kirino  Pi, of course. :p

  AmyBeth Inverness  HA! That’s the best answer! Interesting… no one on facebook came up with that one (although to their credit, they had some weird tangents) but my ONLY twitter answer was “Pi!”

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5 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Dark Side vs Dork Side

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  2. Next Question: Logic dictates that a space elevator be tethered from a point on the equator to a point out in geosynchronous orbit. But if you tethered it someplace that wasn’t on the equator, it would still be “flung” out into a geosynchronous orbit… but it would appear to go up at an angle, “leaning” towards the equator. Would this still work?

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  4. Time traveling to ancient Rome, you insinuate yourself with hosts who believe you are a wise man from the east. They take you to see a statue of one of their gods that actually cries tears of blood. You know exactly what trick causes this because you’ve seen that exact statue in a museum. Do you let on that you know?

  5. In you ftl ship, when do you need your inertia dampened, and when to you need it soaking wet? From MI

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