SciFi Q of the Day: Convicts or Corporations?

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SciFi Question of the Day: If you were planning a new planetary colony, but were short on funds, which would be preferable: Accepting ex-cons willing to pay triple what the other colonists are contributing, or ceding 51% of your colony’s interest to a corporate sponsor?

Facebook Answers

  Geri Bressler I’d trust ex-cons over a corporation any day and twice on Sunday

  Robert B. Fredricksen Lets see, you have one group that would kill with out a second thought for your and your loved ones money. And then there are ex-cons who have served thier time and are looking for a place to fit in and will work hard to get the job done. I’m with Geri on this one.

  Gawain Ouronos ex-cons of course; at least they (ideally) are trying to restart their lives without the burden of their status. This is a perfect way for them to “start over”.

I wouldn’t even cede 1% of the colony’s interest to a corporate sponsor if I could. Especially since if, for some reason, it would be advantageous for the corporation to not have you there any longer…

  Christopher Dorda That’s simple! What do you want in 29 years? Australia or the USA?

  Daniel Beard Corporate sponsor. so long as their representative can easily be given a long walk out of a small airlock.

  Gwendolyn Wilkins I’d take the ex-cons so long as I could screen them first.

Google Plus Answers:

  Miaka Kirino  I’d rather accept the ex-cons, though I’d make sure to carefully vet them, and add a stipulation to their contract that if they committed major crimes again they’d be jailed and loose their rights to whatever share of the colony they owned.

  Timothy Lake  It seems to me you have the same result: well-heeled criminals influencing your society, or well-heeled criminals influencing your society.

Truthfully, if I were telling the story, I’d take the ex-cons. There’s a great back-story in there. How did they get enough to contribute so much more than honest citizens? Are they secretly still criminals?

  Timothy Lake  oooh Oooh!! How about corporate-sponsored criminals?

Right. Sorry – this is supposed to be fiction, huh? 😉

  Caz Abbott  I’ll take the ex cons as long as they’re not violent offenders.

I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

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