Life is getting better. At least, my being sick is. I said last week (or was it two weeks ago?) that I was planning to post “I’m not sick anymore” but the truth is, I am. Fortunately though, I’m not as wiped out as I was in August. But I’ve overdone it a few times and ended up paying for it later.

My update for #ROW80? Acceptable progress. I’m using Pre-School time to write, and although it isn’t enough, it is an improvement overall. On non-Pre-School days this past week I didn’t do much writing, but I did convalesce, which is also important.

This is the end of this round, but I’m keeping my goals the same. They worked well for me. I’ll post Wednesday updates anyway, even though the next round doesn’t start until October.

The other news is that I have more details on the anthology in which I have a story. It’s coming out on October 30.The first volume of Precipice will showcase twelve essays and nine works of short fiction by seventeen authors. The print version will be $9.99 and the e-version will be $3.99. I’m so excited to finally be a published author! And then in December, I have another story coming out in the Felt Tips  anthology.

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3 Responses to Precipice

  1. Congrats on the short story in the anthology! That is an awesome feeling. Work on getting well!

    Enjoy the break between rounds. Here’s MY ROW 80 CHECK-IN POST

  2. Mike Paulson says:

    That’s great that you’re getting published in an anthology! I sometimes think that it’s more of an honor to get published in an anthology, because you get associated with all of these other popular writers. I’m excited for you!

    Hope you keep getting better!

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