And in the In Between Time…

The end of this Round of Words in 80 Days took me by surprise. What started and ended in early August as a bad cold turned into a month of coughing, medications, and four trips to the doctor for me as well as several for the kids. I accepted the fact that I was sick, and I didn’t do as much writing as I’d hoped. I kept up with most blog posts, and added several thousand words to The Sojourner’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Many things fell apart. I had been keeping a fictional blog in the name of the characters in The Sojourner’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I all but abandoned this while I was sick. Fortunately, I can go back and put blog entries in, and I think WordPress will let me change the date on the posts to whatever I want. So, basically, I can fake the fictional blog lol!

My darling hubby helped out so much while I was sick, but still there were still a million household chores that piled up. I’m still playing catch-up.

The beginning of September brought a wonderful opportunity… Preschool! For a few hours, three days a week, I use the precious uninterrupted time to write. Even when I was sick, I wrote during those hours, even though I was much slower and the words weren’t exactly flowing. Hopefully those won’t be my only writing hours… I need to do more. I desperately want to do more.

I still have the goal in sight of finishing The Sojourner’s Guide to the Galaxy before NaNoWriMo. But I did get a little sidetracked… EBookMall is sponsoring a contest called America’s Next Author. I’m planning to enter, either with one of the Kingdom Come stories that’s sitting on the shelf, or with something else that’s brand new and unrelated to anything.

Round Four begins on October 1. I’ll probably use the same goals as I outlined for this round. As long as I don’t get sick…

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