SciFi Q of the Day: Moon Ninja

ninjaSciFi Question of the Day: Why would there be ninjas on the moon?

Facebook Answers

  Betonce M Stein a world without ninjas is too sad to even consider … that is reason enough   

  Betonce M Stein seriously, i appreciate your writing prompts .. it’s just that sci-fi is difficult for me because although i love isaac asimov… i dont have an affinity for it  

  AmyBeth Fredricksen It’s all fun!

Maybe on the moon, ninjas are like the tooth fairy, but they bring people bacon…  

  Elsie LiftPort Awesome flipping or flipping awesome a ninja can be where a ninja needs to be.  

But how long he stays concealed is yet to be revealed.  

  Dale Thelander Same reason there’s rock spiders on the Moon?  

  Box O’ Munchkins For a Con.  

  Box O’ Munchkins You know, Only a ninja can sneak up on another Ninja… (from a song… Are you a Ginger Amy? If so I have a song for you…)  

  AmyBeth Fredricksen A writer by birth, A redhead by choice, and an outcast of Colorado by temporary necessity!  

  Daniel Beard too kill someone. or to protect someone. or both.  

  Terry Morgan To fight the Nazis.  

  Dale Thelander Outcast of Colorado by temporary necessity?  Wha? Huh?  

  Perry Willis A ninja could not just go to the moon and be a ninja. Because of the lighter gravity, all of the ninja’s reflexes and moves would be off. There would have to be a special training facility on the moon for moon ninjas. And then they would only be good for on the moon.  

  Dale Thelander Moon Ninjas. I’m taking that idea to the studio. It’ll be the next big thing!  (Just not on SyFy, though.)  

  Preston Elizarde How else do you think the moon has dark spots…Ninjas…  

  Dale Thelander I thought those were the hiding places for the rock spiders.  

(I should drag that movie out again.)  

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Dale: I grew up in CO, hubby grew up in NE, we met and married in WY. Back in 1996 we moved east for “just a few years…long enough to get our college degrees.” We intended to move back west in 5-10 years.  

16 years later, with 2 kids and good jobs, we can’t easily move back. We do still PLAN to return west, most likely to CO, but it will probably have to be a retirement plan.  

  Dale Thelander Hm. I was conceived in Nebraska (Offutt AFB) and my first wife was from Omaha. We met at the 1980 Space: 1999 convention in Columbus, OH and married three months later.  

  Preston Elizarde I moved from Vermont with a pregnant wife. She gave birth in Utah to our first son.  I then more or less retried from the Army (I say that because I got snaked into going back to the reserves) and then I got offered a great paying (mind you also a slacker job) and moved to Arkansas. My Pregnant Wife and son followed about 10 months later. Both Arkansas and Utah were supposed to be temporary. However we will most likely return to Utah however going with my previous track record I would have to have a pregnant wife.

  Box O’ Munchkins So, this song does mention Ninja’s, and that’s the connection:

  • Prejudice by Tim Minchin

    ‎’Prejudice’ taken from the Australian ‘Ready For This?’ DVD.

      Box O’ Munchkins Doesn’t happen until 6:11 but its a good song to listen to.

    Google Plus Answers (Sci-Fi Community)

      Christopher Wilke  Because Ninjas… and Space.

      Michael Andrew Baldelli Why not?  There were Nazis on the Moon:Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

      katya austin  Ninjas would hide on the dark side 🙂

      Christopher Pawelski  Cause their would be space cowboys vs aliens.

      John Powell  +Michael Andrew Baldelli that movie was oh so cheesy, with numerous references to “Downfall” and “Dr. Strange love”, but I really enjoyed it.Ninjas are only found in the shadows.

    Half the moon is bathed in shadow.

    Mighty ninja kingdom perhaps?

      Greg S.  How could there not be ninjas on the Moon, is what I’m thinking… they’re everywhere!

      Richard Erickson  Competing corporate interests on the moon. Germany and Japan. Mayhem ensues, the power goes down and shipments don’t arrive, and the power begins to fail. Ninja’s do well in this environment (well almost any environment really). Brute force Germans vs. sneaky Ninjas.

      Ramsez Stamper  Ninja earth defense force training ground for space combat?

      Kalin Fetvadjiev  Planetes? Watched it recently:)

      Mark Jondahl  Why wouldn’t there be?

      Greg Barozzi  It happened during the great lunar/ninja diaspora brought upon by the insidious Japanese triumvirate of Daichi Sankyo/Square Enix/Sanrio. Imprisoning ninja in low gravity was the only way to sufficiently weaken them, preventing them from restoring feudal glory to the Japanese Empire … duh.

      Sinyuk Alexey  Kouga will be fighting against Iga even on Moon.

      Oscar Sironi  Ninja can’t catch you, if you are on fire.  No fire on the moon.

      Levent Taskan  Because that’s where they come from.

      Cris Gray  Because that’s where their enemies would least expect them to strike.

      Michael McGuire  Better visual effects in low gravity. How do you think they do that stuff!

      Greg S.  +Michael McGuire That actually came up in Planetes, the anime … with real-world consequences, no less.

      Bill Johnston  Why wouldn’t there be? Duh.

      Marc Tetlow  If we knew the answer to that then they wouldn’t be very good ninjas now, would they?

      Alex Pink  after the ninja fad of the eighties came to a dead stop they realized earth didn’t want them anymore

    Google Plus Answers (Science Fiction Community)

      David Grigg  To defeat the lunar samuri, of course!

      John Vukelic  Ninja’s are hired assassins. They go where the target goes.

      Doug Grayson  Ninjas are everywhere.  You just don’t see them often.  Because they’re ninjas .

    Google Plus Answers (Speculative Fiction Writers Community)

      Graham Clements  because you’re watching a very bad science fiction film.

      Burrows Goldhawk  It’s a secret ninja training base, founded on the Japanese philosophy that less is more.

      Zachary Besterfield  Because when people need killing on the moon, lasers, bombs and projectile weapons can depressurize cabin space and damage equipment, resources that are worth far more than the scum that is currently squatting upon it. A ninja, trained in micro-gravity stealth, can acrobatically dive into a crowded tavern, slay a dozen baddies with a katana, and dive out again before anyone even has a chance to react.That’s how I would deal with upstart employees that thought they could hold my equipment hostage, and unionize my labor force… Damn Moonie scum.

      Dan Thompson  Because they’re on the dark side where no one can see them.

      Josh Cooper  They’re ninjas. They’re everywhere. <<.>>

      David Collins-Rivera  Weirdly, I started a story (never finished) when I was a teenager that had this as an element.An important politician on a moon colony is killed in an “accident”, but the protagonist soon uncovers a rather broad conspiracy connected to the man’s death.  The killer turns out to be ninja-trained, specializing in space-related assignments, and is eventually tasked with taking out our intrepid hero, who is getting just a little too close to the truth. Hmmm…I might use that one yet.

      Haleema Tahir  There would be ninjas on the moon for the same reason there everywhere else. Secrets.

    Google Plus Answers (Lunar Science Community)

      Andy Brokaw  Because ninjas are everywhere!

      E. M. Marston  No one has ever seen ninjas on the moon.

      Andy Brokaw  That’s only because they do not wish to be seen.

      E. M. Marston  Yes, that’s what I was getting at 🙂

    Google Plus Answers (Public Post)

      Timothy Lake  To maintain balance against the moon pirates.

      Samuel Falvo II  The study of ninjutsu, like that of Aikido, is considered moving meditation to some.  For others, the moon’s lesser gravity allows the ninja to accomplish feats that are only legend on Earth.

      Amy “Swampeye Landpirate” Sorrell  To safeguard the secrets of the dark side of the moon. I would tell you what but it’s a secret, and ninjas guard it.

      AmyBeth Inverness  +Amy “Swampeye Landpirate” Sorrell ….and as a pirate, you would know!

      Amy “Swampeye Landpirate” Sorrell  lol! +AmyBeth Inverness

      Samuel Falvo II  o/~  “Breath!  Breath in the air!  Don’t be afraid to ca…GAACK!*choke*GASP!*cough!*gurgle!*bleed-to-death…”  (slain by a moon ninja!)

      Christopher Wilke  Because… NINJAS! and SPACE!

      Miaka Kirino  Ninja are everywhere, of course. You just can’t see them.

      Li Gardner  Because that’s where ninja rabbits come from.

      Usama Saqib  Everything looks awesome with Ninjas

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