Anticipating a Nap

Silly snake water sprinklerI am anticipating a nap. Both my body and brain are saying “It’s almost time…isn’t it?” with eagerness.

But there’s a glitch.

Even though this was a planned event…something that usually happens on days when the goobear goes to Preschool, today’s plan also involved going outside and playing in the new sprinkler-snake toy in the back yard. This was supposed to tire her out so she would be all ready to take a nice long nap, allowing Mommy to take a nap too.

But it was an hour ago that she went upstairs to change out of her school clothes. I thought she had perhaps fallen asleep (she is definitely tired and does need that nap) because I heard her bedtime music playing. But every once in a while I also hear little footsteps moving from the workroom (where there’s a TV she can watch) and her bedroom. She is definitely distracted, not in any hurry to put on play clothes and go run around outside. Although the day is nice and warm, it’s not actually hot and I know that if we do go outside, she’ll get cold quickly and want to come in.

I could go up and hurry her along, shepherding her outside to play and then inside again for a nap.

I could wait it out and see if she falls asleep on her own.

Meanwhile, I’m tired. It wouldn’t be so bad if I’d resigned myself to a full day of wakefulness and sticking it through the afternoon. But once my body starts to anticipate, I start shutting down. I’m tired. I’m ready to sleep. Turning around at this point, although possible, would be painful.

Oh…I hear little footsteps on the stairs…

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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