SciFi Q of the Day: Soft Serve or Laser Beams?

Captain HammerSciFi Question of the Day: If you could have a personal robot that either made soft-serve ice cream cones on demand OR shot deadly laser beams out of its eyes, which would you choose?

Facebook Answers:

  Terry Morgan That would depend on my mood that day. Probably the ice cream robot though.  

  Barry Gavin Now you didn’t say it would shoot deadly lasers out of its eyes on command so now I have an image of rampaging robots burning down the city at will.  

  Betsy Dornbusch I can get ice cream. Deadly laser beams…now that takes a background check I can’t pass!  

  Eric Schmitt With deadly laser eyes robot you can get all the soft serve you want. Is Wafflebot an option?  

  Hannah Christine Rohloff Soft-serve, I’m peaceful folk.  

  Dale Thelander Ice cream. Because yeah, ice cream!  

  Jade A Tiller Deadly laser beams!  

  Heather Dolloff LASER BEAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  Heather Corey Which one looks like Nathan Fillion?  

  AmyBeth Fredricksen The ice cream one…  

  Heather Corey Hmm. I’m lactose intolerant, but I’m willing to sacrifice for a personal robot that looks like Nathan Fillion

  Melissa Conway I want fricking laser beams! Highly allergic to dairy so soft serve wouldn’t work…  

  Gwendolyn Wilkins Ice cream!  Oh sweet, never-ending ice cream!!  

  DeAnna Knippling Heh heh heh Nathan Fillion Soft Serve…  

  Cee Wu Combat ready robot to defend w/ high powered…ribbons of chocolate fudge swirl soft serve.  

  Dale Thelander @ DeAnna: LO-freaking-L!  

Google Plus Answers: Speculative Fiction Writers Community

  Gerri Lynn Baxter  Ice cream. Lasers aren’t that useful compared to ice cream, esp. when I’m in a mood. Oh, and safer, too, esp. when I’m in a mood. I’d have to work to kill someone with ice cream.

  Oliver Clare  Lasers. You could hold-up as many ice-cream vans as you need with a laser-eye-deadly-killer-droid-man-thing. Also, you could etch funny comments into toast. And as an added bonus… Lasers.

  Thaddeus Cochrane  Lasers, the department of defense will pay more for it than Bluebell. Also…I really can’t turn down the idea of even a semi transformer-like creature bound to serve me.  

  Louis Doggett


I get the question but I don’t always do Rules.

  Zachary Besterfield  With Soft-Serving Bots, I could crush the International Soft Service Dairy Union. In that case, I could could forgo the expense of the (more expensive) Laser Bots needed to quell their protests. The Tyrant wins again! All hail Me!

  Dan Thompson  I hate soft-serve ice cream, so I think I would have my laser-wielding robot destroy all of the soft-serve variety.

  Elizabeth Einspanier  How about ice cream that shoots lasers?

  Oliver Clare  +Elizabeth Einspanier – or lasers that shoot ice-cream eating robots… Naa, that’s just silly…

Google Plus Answers: Science Fiction Community

  Lizka Vaintrob  Have to go with the laser beams. 🙂 Unless the soft-serve ice cream tastes and feels like normal ice cream.  

Patrick Kanouse

Laser beams. Definitely laser beams.

  Doug Grayson  Laser beams.  Far too useful.  n_n

  michael cole  Laser beams….he could always hijack a Bluebell Ice Cream truck for the ice cream

  Hayley Enoch

Laser beams!

Laser beams!
We all scream
For frickin’ laser beams!

  Stephen Thompson  I’m just waiting for someone to pick the ice cream robot, so I could use the laser beam robot to steal it and have both.  😀

  Gustavo Campanelli  I have no use for deadly weapons.

  Hall of The Black Dragon – Online Magazine  If the ice cream is low fat, lo-carb and loaded with protein then that one.. If not I will happily accept the death ray DROID. He can be my own personal HK-47  

  michael cole

+Gustavo Campanelli no one said you had to eat the ice cream 🙂

  Lizka Vaintrob  Would you have to supply milk, etc to the ice cream robot? Because if not, then it’s like an unlimited yummy-survival robot.

    Billy Couvillion  I’ve enjoyed many soft-serve ice-cream cones, but I can count on one hand the times I’ve needed a deadly laser beam.  Besides, if somebody hacks my robot, I’d much rather have to clean up a soft-serve ice cream mess than a deadly laser beam mess.

Google Plus Answers: Public Post

  Juan Ochoa  Unique function? Or would either of these have prehensile hands and decent intelligence? Because if my deathbot 2000 can also go make me coffee, I’d choose him.
  Shawna Mac  Laser beams, cause then I’d just laser my way to the ice cream.
  David Collins-Rivera  I’d want both, and go for Baked Alaska.

Dalt Wisney

I can tape a laser to my dog’s head today, but he’ll never be able make me a soft serve cone.
  David Collins-Rivera  Culinary Obedience classes.
  Anthony Morgan  I’d have to go for the lasers. It would just feel wrong to pass up the opportunity to own my own killer robot.
  James Drury  ice cream, if burglar comes to break in he can fill the entry hall with soft serve and call the cops.

Ω Yes, the SciFi Q of the Day posts have moved to Fridays! In order to dedicate more time to writing, there will be either a SciFi Q of the Day post or an interview every Friday. I’ll continue to post the questions as usual on both Facebook and Google Plus.

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3 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Soft Serve or Laser Beams?

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    More about Liam Neeson and Krakens…

    It it easier to accept a “reimagined” Star Trek if you compare it to Arthurian Legend? As in…the universe and its characters have become such an ingrained part of our culture’s lore that we can expect many creators to give the tales a spin?

  2. ….or a swap with Characters in Game of Thrones and Trek…

  3. …you’ve sold a small sample of your DNA and the rights to create clones to a human offworld corporation. Years later you discover that your clones are being horribly mistreated. Although you have no legal right to interfere, a group of others who have been similarly exploited are going to mount a guerilla-style raid. Do you join them?

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