The Goalpost for May 14

My apologies, this is a convoluted goals update...

My goals for this round of ROW80 are simple. Submit something every week.

The first week (April was hiatus…I joined this round late) was great…I submitted twice! But this week I got stuck by overthinking a story. One of those death-by-plotbunny things. I got my act together a few days later, but the story isn’t finished, much less edited and ready. It is, however, on track again, just not for this week.

But the goal did something good for me. Since it’s Tuesday night and I knew that my Wednesday to Wednesday week was almost over, I decided to go through my folder of unfinished space elevator stories. I can always send another short to my friends at Liftport, even if they don’t end up using it. It counts for my goal.

I looked at a couple of stories that might stay in the back of the drawer, but then I found Gee Whiz, which is a null gravity cat litter box. No, the story doesn’t center around the litter box, but it does make a cute title lol! I like the story, and I was able to give it a thorough edit before sending it to Liftport.

Have you ever found a forgotten gem in the back of the drawer?

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2 Responses to The Goalpost for May 14

  1. Emily Witt says:

    I haven’t so far, but I do have a folder on my computer titled “Unfinished – May be worth looking at again” so clearly when I was tidying up and putting things there, I thought they might become hidden gems later.

    I am kind of loving the idea of a null gravity cat litter box.

  2. Eden says:

    A null gravity cat box… Well, I guess it’s a good idea, given that humans aren’t likely to be giving up their cats anytime soon. Though the name made me think something more for human use than animals–kind of like those “relief tubes” that they used to sell for long distance motorists…

    Yeah on the submissions. Gems… I have them everywhere. Unfortunately they’re all in need of cutting and polishing and maybe a few billions years of intense pressure… 😉

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