the-tomorrow-peopleReboots are big in Hollywood today. Love them or hate them, they make money so they’re here to stay.

Doctor Who? Uber-fantastic, the best form of reboot ever, hands down! I’m so glad it’s back. I could fan-girl all over this post, but I digress…

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every Bond flick ever made. Piers Brosnan will always be my favorite, and it’s sad that he didn’t get to do many many more movies. The shows were designed with the plausible suspension of disbelief that Bond seems to live forever, simply changing actors now and then. The new Daniel Craig version, however, flipped a switch and changed much more than the face behind the man. I still love the movies, though for different reasons.

The big one is Star Trek. Before Jar Jar Abrams took over the franchise, it went through many incarnations that all followed a canon of carefully thought-out ideas and ideals. JJ took this world and these characters and made a couple of rip-roaring action packed space adventures. It’s like the Taco Bell of Mexican food… yeah, sure, technically it is Mexican food. But it’s not the same. It’s the cheap stuff that lots of people like and will eat up over and over again. I like Taco Bell… but it’s not real Mexican food. Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion that if I ever traveled to Mexico for real food, I might not find that all too familiar either… I’m a Tex-Mex kinda girl. And I’m a DS9 kinda Trekkie.

The reboot that has my heart all a flutter is The Tomorrow People. I fell in love with this British import when I was twelve years old and just starting Junior High. I had no idea I was watching reruns that were already almost ten years old. I missed the first re-boot when they made an American version in the early 1990’s, but I was just barely into adulthood then and had no idea it existed. Apparently it came out in 1992 when I was a nanny in Connecticut…I had cable TV then, but I was completely unaware the show existed. I probably would have loved it. That reboot was with a completely different cast of characters.

The 2013 reboot of The Tomorrow People looks like it is using a twist on the 1970’s characters. It starts with Stephen breaking out (coming into his telepathic etc. abilities) just like the original show did. The main difference I can see in the trailers is that while the 1970’s cast really was kids, mostly twelve to fifteen with a few older ones as mentors, the 2013 version has mostly late teens, early twenties characters who are buff and sexy. Just like JJ Abrams decided that Star Trek could not possibly be populated with thirty year old people who have worked for their career position and must instead be populated by young twenty-somethings who are buff and sexy, the powers that be at the CW have apparently decided that kids just barely coming of age aren’t interesting enough and they needed to go for the sex appeal.

OK, I’m fine with the sex appeal thing. Except that…when I was a teenager I was madly crushing on the boys in The Tomorrow People. I wanted to be a Tomorrow Person, which was, of course, part of the appeal of the show. Being someone special who had super powers and the ability to save the world many times over in multiple ways. Now I’m forty-two with kids of my own, and I can not fathom going googoo over some seventeen year old. Ew…creepy. I mean, I watch Twilight and think “Wow, that werewolf sure is muscular and hot and OMG that’s Sharkboy!”

What is this reboot going to mean to me? The Tomorrow People was much more to me than a television show I enjoyed. I obsessed over it, including cutting out the tiny blurb from the newspaper’s television schedule every day so I would have a guide and record of all the episodes. (Hmmm… I still have that somewhere… I should find it…) It’s strange enough when I see one of the actors from the original show, and they look completely different from how I envisioned them growing and changing. (Except for Mike Holoway. He looks just like I thought he would.) It will be surreal to see the same characters reimagined in present day and as older than the original characters were. The original show appealed to my teenage angst, the new show appeals to my nostalgia.

Here’s the trailer. It comes out this Fall! 

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