SciFi Q of the Day: Centrifutile Force

SciFi Question of the Day: Define Centrifutile Force.

Posted on June 9

Facebook Answers:

  Pony Horton The force that is observed while spinning one’s wheels in an effort to educate the obtuse.  

  Geri Bressler The force that compels people to continuously repeat the same behaviors that prevent them from fulfilling their potential in an endlessly futile cycle.  

  Melissa Conway A force that attracts humans into large shopping malls to buy things to make themselves feel better through materialism. It is a trap! humans feel the euphoria for a short while and them are drawn once again into the futility of the experience. Oh wait, that’s called mass marketing or capitalism….my bad…  

  John DeChancie Facebook.  

  Bill Nevin Circular push  

  Sarah Deatherage Damn I am trying to think of something clever but Pony Horton wins this definition. Good one dude. Good one.  

  Box O’ Munchkins Spinning Round in circles not accomplishing anything  

Twitter Answers:

drmagoo's avatar  drmagoo @drmagoo  @USNessie The force that keeps people circling a bad idea long after they should have given up on it.

Google Plus Answers, Speculative Fiction Writers Community:

   Charles Barouch   What’s the point?

  Dan Thompson  The world around revolves me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

   Gerri Lynn Baxter   I can’t stay off the Spider Carnival Ride!

   Keith Keffer   Centrifutile Force: The energy exerted when trying to stop my son from running in circles.

   J.D. Hallowell   Centrifutile force: The energy that keeps you going round and round a problem without ever coming to a resolution.

   Louis Doggett  Good answers   Mine is:   Going now where fast.

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Community:

   Kurt Copeland   The inability to hit the center of a target regardless of skill, the range to target, or the quality of the weapon.

   Charles Brooks   2 forces acting simultaneously?? My guess anyways

  Harv Griffin  That which is produced, as a by-product, when the irresistible force blasts into the immovable object; when alcohol and/or THC are involved as catalysts. @hg47

Google Plus Answers, Public Post:

   Joanna Staebler-Kimmel   that’s the one where an object going around in a circle is flung out of the loop.

   Vivian Spartacus   That’s the one where no matter how many times you slingshot off the sun in order to travel back in time, you will never find the timeline you are looking for…

   Samuel Falvo II   That’s the force felt on your head when trying to explain to people that centrifugal force doesn’t actually exist, and that it’s merely a thought-convenience.  Kind of like “conventional current,” as distinct from “electron current.”

   James Karaganis   If you spin fast enough, there is no resistance.

   Dalt Wisney   It’s the realization that you’ll never get past 100k points on the game Centipede.

   dab ten   Cent-tri-futile is the process of throwing pennies at something and realizing it will never cause damage

   dab ten   Cent-tri-futile is the process of throwing pennies at something and realizing it will never cause damage

   David Collins-Rivera   There is actually no such thing.  There is only cetripedo force, which is best measured by creepy middle-aged men.

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