Link Up Your Sharknado Erotica!

Jump on in… the water’s fine!

Well, except for all those pesky sharks in the streets of Los Angeles…

Just for fun. Just because you can… write a story (2k or less but I’m forgiving if you go over… If you can do it in less than 500 words I’ll be really impressed!) that is erotica with a Sharknado theme.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve seen the cheesetastic movie on SyFy. The title says it all. A tornado. With sharks in it.

So do your best! Whether you choose to show your prowess at quality erotica, or whether you decide to see just how horribly cheesy you can possibly be, write the story and put it on your blog then link it up here.

Of course, as with any good linky, we all promise to visit at least a couple other linkers and leave them some great comments!

This linky will stay open for a week, so get your link in before next Sunday night.

An InLinkz Link-up

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