SciFi Q of the Day: Sharknado

From the SyFy Website: Sharknado 2 is coming and you can name it! Tweet titles to @SyFyMovies using #Sharknado. SyFy will select the best and use it!

From the SyFy Website: Sharknado 2 is coming and you can name it! Tweet titles to @SyFyMovies using #Sharknado. SyFy will select the best and use it!

SciFi Question of the Day: If you could wield the power of the Sharknado, would you use your power for good or evil?

Facebook Answers:

   Mary-Anne McDermott If I had that power, I don’t even think I would admit it.   

   AmyBeth Fredricksen I’m sure no one would notice lol!

   Daniel Beard Evil of course.  

   Melissa Conway Depends on the situation. My good may be your bad, just sayin  

   AmyBeth Fredricksen Melissa is chaotic neutral.   

   Melissa Conway Ohhh, I like that phrase! Chaotic neutral sounds like my life…

Google Plus Answers, Speculative Fiction Writers Community:

   Gerri Lynn Baxter   I’m a relativist. One person’s good is another person’s evil. So…. no sharknado for me!

   Bernard Smith  Evil… Good…Who cares…You have the power…USE IT!!!

  Charles Barouch  I would use it to benefit all Shark kind. Also, I’d like to say, specifically to the pageant judges, that I would also use it to end world hunger.

  Zachary Besterfield  My sharknado would serve as a critical source of lean animal protein for the starving masses of third world countries.  First, I would unleash the sharknado in a safe place, like the Grand Canyon. Then, as the canyon filled up with shark, thousands of Feed My Starving Children volunteers would stand on the rim and reel them in with giant fishing nets. From there, they would process the shark into dried protien powder and bag it with rest of their dried food, and then send it out to the kids.

I would also do this with the Elfnado. Though elves are small in stature, they have big feet, and their shoes are useful for poor kids that need them. The elves will tend to get stuck in the nets, and this will be a messy problem, but at least they taste like chicken.

   AmyBeth Inverness  Damn it +Charles Barouch I took a bite of my burrito before reading that and I think I inhaled a bean!

+Zachary Besterfield did you ask the sharks if the elves taste like chicken?

   Zachary Besterfield  +AmyBeth Inverness Sharks don’t talk, silly! But if they did, they would say elves taste like tuna. No, I’m saying that elves taste like chicken, to me. Of course, you need to brine them to get rid of that gamey flavor. Pair with a table red.

  Zachary Besterfield  Counter intuitive, I know. You might think a white pinot, but no! A red is better!

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Community:

  James Karaganis  Evil, of course. What would be the other reasons for having power?

  Jihad AbdulSabur  good someone needs to put some good in the world

  Gustavo Campanelli  it only can be used evily, because it murders lots of sharks.

Bonus Answers from Facebook:

I have now watched ‪#‎Sharknado‬. My plausible suspension of disbelief has been stretched beyond the breaking point and now lies shattered on the floor.

   Henry Anona that bad huh?

  Matt DeGiacomi What is this movie and why is everyone posting about it this week

StephenandLaurie Sherman omg….we checked that out last night, truly bad!!  

   Betonce M Stein that’s pretty much what everybody said

   Henry Anona now I want to thank you all for letting me know not to watch it

   AmyBeth Fredricksen It was on SyFy the other night. Their usual over-the-top cheesy B movie. This one was simply beyond the pale in level of cheese. Ratings weren’t anything special, but it created a storm on Twitter.  

  Perry Willis Please do not do this again. I might lose my deep and heartfelt respect for you.   

   AmyBeth Fredricksen But it’s GOOD cheese!  

   Em Vassilos When I heard the premise my first thought was, “NOooo! Sharks don’t swim in schools. IMPLAUSIBLE!”   

   Juno Suk If I ever go into directing, I’ll make the sequel – Currycane. Seriously, someone finance me. I’ll do it.   

And more…

 ‪#‎Sharknado‬ would have been better with ninjas.

…unless there WERE ninjas and I just missed them…

  Bill Nevin You should start writing Ninjanado…just sayin

   AmyBeth Fredricksen That reminds me of my NEXT SciFi Q of the day…

   Harold Chester  You sure the sharks didn’t eat the ninjas?

   Dan Thompson  The sharks were the ninjas.  Oh, yes, they truly are that good.

   Jason Fisk  I really need to see this movie

  Zachary Besterfield  One guy jumps through the mouth of a shark using a chainsaw to cut his way through the body. That’s pretty close to ninja skills. Because, you know, the shark didn’t see it coming.

SciFi Question of the Day: What should the title of ‪#‎Sharnado‬‘s sequel be?

Facebook Answers:

   Betonce M Stein Dontseeit

   Geri Bressler Pirahnacane

   AmyBeth Fredricksen Darn! He deleted it… I think it’s awesome that you both came up with the same idea lol!

   Kevin McCullen I did post the same thing, then realized I hadn’t really read the previous comments. Geri beat me to it, so I’ll have to dig deeper:


   AmyBeth Fredricksen rotflol!

   Geri Bressler Squidpocolypse

   Pony Horton Mantacane.

   Shelli Fein Tiglion

   Perry Willis Shark-Strom. or great white no hope.

   Barry Gavin …Public notice of the entire creative team at Sci Fi getting the sack!

   Santi Fabrellas What about Sharnado 2?

   Juno Suk Haha, you know what I said from earlier: Sharknado was only the beginning. A major turmeric spice factory goes berserk in the Carribbean, turning the seas into a giant currybath. With Hurricane Priya barreling down towards the islands, the Carribbean islanders brace themselves for an event of epic proportions. Of curry. Forget B movies, this one is a solid C. C for… Currycane! (Check your local TV listings)

   James Horak Eel Niño

Google Plus, Public Post Answers:

   James Darrow   Octocalypse

  Elizabeth Einspanier  Squidquake.

  David Foster  Tropical Piranha-cane

  Sean Riley  Armadillogeddon

  Carl Rauscher  Son of Sharkado: A Little Nip in the Air.

  AmyBeth Inverness  +Carl Rauscher I think that’s the Christmas Special…

  James Karaganis   +Carl Rauscher Yes, I hear that one will take place in Tokyo.

  James Karaganis  Rhinospout.

  Samuel Falvo II  Unagi Tsunami : It’s what’s for dinner!

   Dalt Wisney  Little Memo Strikes Back or Tyler Perry’s Madea Shark-Fu.

Google Plus Answers, Speculative Fiction Writers Community:

   Gerri Lynn Baxter   Sharkquake.

  Daniel Price   Sharnado: The Sequel

  Zachary Besterfield  Sharksnadoes

   Jin Kazama  Tornadark… 😛

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Community:

   David Bucci  So hard to answer, because it’s hard to pick whether the sharks or the tornado were more fully developed, from a characterization perspective, and therefore hard to know whether the sequel would have another tornado but with a different predator, orsharks once again, but a different meteorological event!  Just not sure which approach would do justice to the#SharknadoLegacy  …

   Kevin Murray   Horcacane?

Calling all writers! Link-up your Sharknado Erotica fan fic here!

Erotica Readers: Here’s a sample of Sharknado Erotica (18+ only!)

SciFi Q of the Day 2013

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