Goal Post for July 24

ROW80LogocopyHave I written at least 2k?

Yes. But not much more. I also have too-many-WIPs-itis.

Have I helped another writer?

Yes. Editing for a friend, although I should have done more commenting on other ROWer’s updates last Wednesday and I neglected that. I apologize, and will do better this week.

Did I do anything organization-related? 

Sort of. I added two submission calls to my submission tracker page, but the database lies neglected. I need to get it up and running and start using it. If, after giving it a good try, it still seems to be inconvenient to use, then I’ll abandon it and stick with the page on my blog. Idea: use the blog page for new entries, then every once in a while take the info from the page and update the database. I will eventually need to delete old stuff off the page… it’s getting long.

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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7 Responses to Goal Post for July 24

  1. Do we ALL have Too Many WIP-itis? It seems so.

  2. LOL I also suffer from Too Many WIP-itis.

  3. I DEFINITELY have too many WIPs. I try to actively work on one and then have no more than 1-2 others that I dabble with if I get stuck on my main one. Sometimes having more than one is a good way to become ‘unstuck’ (it lets you keep writing even if it’s not the story you WANT to write) but you still need limits lol 🙂

  4. jillhaugh says:

    My submission tracker page is an old spiral notebook and a sharpie.
    Sometimes old-school is just easier for me.
    Good Luck and keep up the good work!
    ~Just Jill

  5. tanjagustavsson says:

    Yup, think I’m bordering on too many active wip’s… and then I have LOADS more that are more or less temporarily put on the backburner :S I want to do them all! 😀

  6. Sometimes low tech is the best… I still cling to the paper calender next to my desk! But I can grab it in an instant, without having to tell people “wait a sec… the laptop’s being slow…”

  7. Michelle says:

    Helping another writer is an awesome goal. I was just using the linky to visit other people who are doing the ROW80 thing.

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