SciFi Q of the Day: Alien Orbs

340px-Pandora_-_John_William_WaterhouseSciFi Question of the Day: While visiting a non-human civilization, your hosts open a fancy box and several small orbs of light float quickly out, scattering to different corners of the room. What are they?

Facebook Answers:

  Pony Horton Moths. That box had been sitting in a closet for a long time.  

  Chad Lupkes Sounds like Pandora’s Box.  

  Patty Wright Their children  

  Iris Mansi they are multiversal communicators that use a circle of psychic energy to translate thoughts and feelings  

  Charles Root Jr Food  

  Rachel Repstad Some kind of game?  

  Derri Herbert positive mood enhancers  

  Perry Willis Scented candles, hewmons stink.  

  Steve Alenskis The equivalent of cockroaches in a Venice apartment. How embarrassing for the hosts.  

  Christine L. Hardy Floating candles  

  Kyle Keilman Sonic blockers to keep the NSA from monitoring the conversation  

  Daniel Beard children  

  Brian Covault OK, if you could move that orb in the front, left two inches to the right. Great. Now, the front, right two inches to the left. Super. OK, the back, right about three inches two the right I think. Yes! Excellent! Channel 9 is coming in perfectly now! Oh, crap. Now I can’t get channel 6. Well, at least it’s nice to know other civilizations have the same problems we do.  

  Cee Wu Their version of Pokemon.  

  Brian Covault Although if they start gobbling up little dots around the room, could be their version of Pac Man.  

  Glenn E. Smith Escaping.  

  Louis Norman Wells   xmas tree decorations  

Google Plus Answers, Public Post:

  Tim O’Brien  I always proceed on the assumption that any alien artifact is a cookbook,

  Kimberly Unger  DrDre’s newest personal audio system?

  Dan Thompson  Lightbulbs

  Hayley Enoch  All the evil things in the world. Nice job breaking it.

  AmyBeth Inverness  …oops…

  Tiffany Marshall  Portable, wireless, surround-sound speakers for the upcoming entertainment.

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Writers Community:

  Gerri Lynn Baxter  Step close to my host while exclaiming,”Those are beautiful! What are they?”

  Simon Templar  Cameras, they want to document the event. Or translation orbs. Or maybe they sense intentions. After all, the alien race may be empathic.

  David Madden  Ancestoral orbs that tells the stories of their ancestors through a cummunications medium that transmits thoughts and feelings to tell their story in place of language.

  Zachary Besterfield  He/she/it told me that it was a sign of respect, to humbly honor me for acknowledging his existence and entering his home. But my drone says that they are lie detectors. The little bastards are chiseling for intel on my tech level. HA! Maybe these creatures have potential after all!

  Anthony Russo  They are the eggs of my host’s young. Their life is one based on photons rather than carbon like ours. Eggs are produced in a production factory and given to adult parents to nourish and raise.

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Community:

  Kelaric Vaettor  universal translators maybe

  Graham Clements  recording devices

  Nick W  The equivalent to a human TV set used for entertainment of guests.

  Daniel Greer  Pets.

  Kris Niedbalski  children

  Liam Anderson  Decorations for the Christmas tree!

  Mikko Päivärinta  Don’t know, shoot them with lasers!

  snakeappletree white-lightning-gate  Lightbulbs

  Shephine Shaji  Ask the host, dammit!

SciFi Q of the Day 2013

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2 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Alien Orbs

  1. IIIIIiiiiiiiii think Shephine Shaji’s “Ask the host, dammit!” is one of the better answers 🙂 More interstellar wars get started because someone didn’t think to ask…

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