Aluminum Foil Hats

For my ROW80 update, skip to the bottom…

8 HatsHuzzah!

An amazing thing happened. I’ve been circled by more than 20,000 people on Google Plus!

To celebrate this grand occasion, I decided to give away three hand-made aluminum foil hats. I posted eight pictures over the course of three days, and thirteen people commented to enter.

The lucky winners are Hannah Johnson, David Foster and R. K. MacPherson.

I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the hats tomorrow, and sending them out on Thursday or Friday.

ROW80LogocopyMeanwhile, in ROW80…

I’m on track. It really helps to have the weekly goal, because sometimes I find myself leaving out one of the three.

Did I write at least 2k? Yup. (Ultra low writing expectations during this re-organization round.)

Did I help another writer? Yup. Still editing, about a chapter every other day. Halfway through the first book now.

Did I work on my re-organization? Yup. The database is now at the point where it functions, and I can easily add data to it whenever I need to. There will still be more tables and relationships to develop, but at least I have the basics in there and a lot of data already entered.

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6 Responses to Aluminum Foil Hats

  1. shanjeniah says:


    I MISSED it!

    Love the hats. Love the progress. And I am afraid of databases.

    So now you’re inspiring me, so you can check off help a writer again! =D

  2. Eden says:

    Tin-foil hats! What a great idea… (I really am sorry I missed that post, even though I’ve been personna non presenta online lately [only coming online for ROW80 visits and WIPpets].)

    Sometimes summer goals seem to slow down–I have certainly noticed that trend on my end of the internet…. :-/ You’re still getting things done. And you’re having creative fun. Yay, AmyBeth!

  3. You BOTH missed all 8 pictures?!?! Ah, well, the newsfeed on G+ can go by pretty quick. But that does tell me that when the day comes I have something that I ~really~ want to promote heavily, 8 posts over 3 days isn’t all that much. I always worry about spamming people…

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