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Santa hat ovalI think I’ve decided to reform my blogging to twice a week. On Wednesdays I’ll do my regular ROW80 Updates. Then, any other time in the week (probably the weekend) I will do another post. It might be some random rambling. I am not going to do regular interviews anymore because, as wonderful that has been for making connections, it takes a LOT of effort and derails my brain. I’d like to take the best SciFi Question of the Day responses and put them on the blog (and there were some GREAT ones in November!) but it takes a lot of work to copy and paste from four different threads and then format them to look decent. I might try doing some screenshots, but that also loses something in translation.

Twitter 2013 12 14 polyamoryI’ve been doing a lot of late-night writing lately, and I often go to twitter to either spout off something that comes to mind, or ask a specific question. The twitterverse is usually very responsive to my questions! My WIP is polyamorous. Not the kinky kind…I present it as the norm for the society. But that raises all kinds of questions, like “If a person has a business dinner to attend, do they bring all seven spouses? Would they bring just one?” Really…the complications are endless, before you even start to talk about romance or relationships.

Twitter 2013 12 14 polyamory B

I was tweeting with BrittanyMarczak about how the complications give me an endless source of inspiration for romance novels. This is what I call Job Security!

One thing I noticed in this discussion is who favorited one of my tweets…

Since my pseudonym is AmyBeth Inverness, I am followed by numerous businesses in Inverness, Scotland, and I always follow them back (as soon as I realize I’m being followed. I admit, I don’t often check…)

One of my tweets was favorited by MacRae and Dick Toyota of Inverness. So, if you’re looking for a car, and you live in Scotland, pay them a visit and tell them I said hi!

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