SciFi Q of the Day: Foiled Again

This is my way of proving to Allie that aluminum foil is indeed an office supply.

This is my way of proving to Allie that aluminum foil is indeed an office supply.

SciFi Question of the Day: Your evil plot to take over the world has been foiled. Who do you blame?

Facebook Answers:

  Christopher Dorda Read the list! The Evil Overlord List!

The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

  Mike Perry Bush.  

  Geri Bressler Idiot minions. Or my husband. Whichever!  

  Rachel Repstad The Evil Scientist Union.  

  Derri Herbert Pinky  

  Juno Suk My Internet provider.  

  Dale Thelander Obama.  

  Patty Wright Bush.  

  Juno Suk Eve.  

  Lawrence Mahalak Those meddling kids!!  

  Karyn Mowery Kahn!  

  Douglas S Caprette Obamacare…  Atheists…  Gay marriage…  Women’s suffrage…  The Civil rights Act…  The Voting Rights Act…  

  DeAnna Knippling A group of radical librarians who don’t realize that they have DOOMED US ALL.  

  Douglas S Caprette Abandonment of the Gold Standard. .. Schoolteachers…  

  Brian Covault Mouse. He foiled my plot so HE could take over the world.  

  Douglas S Caprette Unemployed people…  Labor Unions…  Scientists…  

  Dede Pazour The Koch brothers.  

  Douglas S Caprette Al Gore…  George Soros…  Bill Gates…  

  Chad Lupkes Pinky.  

  Lyn Wright The person who failed to bring the coffee.  

  Teresa Bonnick I grew up Catholic, so its always my fault. The guilt is always there. I must not wanted it enough. I set myself up for failure, I always do…. (Continues on in the Martyr mode)  

  Robert Seward Certsainly not yourself  

  Moldy Turtle My evil twin Shelly 

  Tony Lee Gamble I was foiled by a girl and her dog but I don’t know that and so I blame a clueless Inspector who has a full array of gadgets at his disposal for ruining my plans. 

Google Plus Answers, Public Post:

  Valkyrie Page  I believe the generally accepted practice is to blame a) worthless minions; b) James Bond; c) Acme Corporation; or d) those meddling kids.

  Elizabeth Einspanier  Pinky.

  dPHender son  Are you thinking what I’m thinking,+Elizabeth Einspanier ?

  Mince Walsh  Quantum physics wasn’t cooperating.

  Carl Rauscher  a.  My plan wasn’t evil, and  b.  It didn’t fail — this apparent setback was part of my BIGGER plan, which will become evident as events continue to unfold.

  David Foster  You think it failed?…. such naivety, but good. You are safer thinking that.

Google Plus, SpecFic Writers Community:

  Mark Means  Those “meddling kids”!

  Mz Maau  Red Herring!

  Steven Radecki  Microsoft. If the computers hadn’t blue-screened during the final countdown . . .

  Zachary Besterfield  Who said it was an evil plot? I’ll bet “They” said I was crazy as well. Well I’m not crazy! “They” are the crazy ones! CRAZY I SAY!

  B. Drew Collier  Alcoa.

Google Plus, Science Fiction Community:

  Rich Canino  Those meddling kids.

  Sarah King  My dimwitted assistant who I knew I should have fired long ago. Alas, he knew too many of my secrets and ends up being a very emotional connection to a past I lost.

  Nicola Smith  Idealistic fools who did not realize that life under my rule would be so much better than the sad, wretched existence they endure now.

  Dan G.  Obamacare. Lol

 Michael Davis  Thor

  Michael Davis  Actually I agree with +Nicola Smith I’ve always said the world would be so much better if everyone just did whatever I said.

  Nicola Smith  We should discuss this further, +Michael Davis 😀

  Ergodic Mage  The only explanation could be Ancient Aliens  

  Doug Grayson  …I blame Canada.

  Raja Swaminathan  Myself. Like an idiot I wasted time gloating over my plot to the hero instead of finishing him off, thereby giving his friends time to help rescue him.

  Burt Crépeault  Damn dodgy humans, with their fat fingers and lucky guesses, always finding cracks in the best of plans. Oh, but next time, next time… Mwahahahaha!

  Rich Canino  No time for blame. I have to prepare for tomorrow night  

  Anglo Phony  Pinky

  AmyBeth Inverness  +Raja Swaminathan If I had a nickel for every time… ~sigh~

  Raja Swaminathan  +AmyBeth Inverness  This page should be mandatory reading for all sci-fi/fantasy script writers! –  Check out #6.

  Michael Davis  +Raja Swaminathan this is brilliant. I had to pause at #96 because trying to calculate the number of TV shows and movies that would be changed if that were implemented made me dizzy.

  Billy Couvillion  It only appears to have been foiled. I can’t believe you all fell for that!

  Gustavo Campanelli  Sorry, my plots are not Evil. They are for the GREATER GOOD. Who are you working for?

  Paul Haigh  I’m not overly concerned, I will iron out the wrinkles in the next universe, I just need to commit quantum suicide.

  David Hill  Obama… 😛

SciFi Q of the Day 2014

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