Off and Running

My writing life is getting busy, and that’s a wonderful thing! I’m actively ignoring various new opportunities, even though they look interesting, because my plate is filling and I need to make sure it doesn’t overflow.

I’m in the planning stages with a publisher regarding writing more short stories about life on the moon. I’ll share more details when plans are more solid. I’m very excited about continuing these!

Cover 02 SulfuringsCover Real World UnrealYesterday the newest anthology in the Biblical Speculative Fiction series came out. Read all about it in yesterday’s post.

Later this month, the Theme-thology Real World Unreal comes out with my story The House on Paladin Court. More about that later…

ROW80LogocopyNow…goals for ROW80…

I’m going back to some of my more successful strategies:

  • 500+ words is a barely acceptable day
  • 1000+ words is a good day
  • 2000+ words is the ideal
  • It’s fine if I miss a day each week.

Each day should include some of the “other stuff” writers need to do. If there’s a day when this takes precedence over actual writing, that’s OK, as long as it doesn’t happen too often.

My previous goals mentioned editing my polyamorous duology of Kingdom Come novels, Jubilation of the Southern Cross and Hearthsong. Because I’m working on the lunar shorts, this editing process is postponed at least until September.


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8 Responses to Off and Running

  1. Goals are a wonderful thing to have. It’s great to see them posted out in front of things. I tend to write mine on the social networks and report in along the way. It’s amazing what saying things ‘out loud’ and ‘written out’ can really do to keep us on track.

    • I love ROW80…especially for the idea that we re-start every 80ish days. If I do get derailed, it’s easier to say “I’ll jump back in with the new round” instead of endlessly making half-hearted attempts to catch up.

  2. nicolenally says:

    I’d say 2,000 words is a great day! I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who sometimes has to set the writing aside to do the other parts of being a writer than no one really mentions. I look forward to see how you do with your goals.

    • It’s 8:15 PM and I’m finally sitting down to do writerly things.

      2k days are good…though I have yet to break the 2k/hour barrier! I’ve come close, but never over that line.

  3. shanjeniah says:

    Now I know what ‘polyamorous duology’ means. If that ever comes up on Jeopardy!, I’m all over it! =)

    I also now know a better name for my fantasy/fan fiction pairings than ‘double series’.

    Your goals are simple and fun and to the point. I love the rating system you’ve come up with. No failures, just getting better as you go along, with room for that life thing…

    And, someday, I am coming here with a cup of coffee and nothing else going on and reading your entire Star Trek category. I am not kidding, here…I may not be Vulcan, but I still don’t bluff.

    I just need to stop Spock, T’Pol, and Trip from taking over my brain and demanding I tell their stories, with alacrity, if I please… and stubborn, the lot of them! (I could have worse problems than characters who act out whole strings of scenes in my head while I’m focused on some other project…).

    But I am coming to read it. When the voices settle out…

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