Sulfurings Release Day!

Cover 02 SulfuringsHappy Release Day!

When I first saw the call to submissions for this anthology last year, I knew I had to be a part of it. Biblical speculative fiction… what an awesome idea! The first anthology was about The Garden of Eden. This one is themed around Sodom and Gomorrah. The next one is about The Deluge.

I wanted to think up a new twist for this series. I love watching Ancient Aliens, where they key phrase is “I’m not saying it was aliens, but… it was aliens!” Likewise, there are many ghost-hunting shows whose premise is “Can’t figure out why this weird thing is happening? It must be a ghost!”

I decided to think up an alternative to the alien and/or ghost theories. I decided to create a race of beings who are native to earth, symbiotic to humans, benevolent, and incorporeal. They also exist out of our time stream…they can go back and forth in time, visiting their various hosts, know as “Beloveds” in whatever order they choose. Most humans are unaware of their existence. Others think of it as being possessed or having multiple personalities. A human who remembers past lives may simply be sharing the memories of their incorporeum.

My story The Remorse of the Incorporeum appears in this anthology. It follows two incorporeum as they flow back and forth in time through multiple hosts. It also marks the first time one of my published stories included a GLBT character.

The anthology is available in electronic format through the following venues:




Barnes & Noble:

If you want the e-book in PDF or a format other than ePub or Kindle, then I encourage you to go to Smashwords to download it.

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