Site or Page?

Lunar LogoThis has been a good week. I was able to do a good amount of writing over the weekend, both on my story for the next book in the Biblical Legends Anthology Series and for The Cities of Luna.

This week is Vacation Bible Camp at church. My 6yo is loving it as usual, and my 15yo is a helper. Instead of dropping them off and going home again (it lasts 3 hours and we live 2 miles from church) I have been staying at church, finding a place to “hide” and do some writing.

I do this for several reasons. First of all, it’s what I have done every year. My oldest has special needs, and she often needs extra adult intervention. She’s much better about this than she used to be, especially at church (where the pastors and leaders know about her issues and know how to handle them) so I could probably trust her to get by on her own now. Secondly, it’s not too difficult to find a spot in the church where I can hide and do some writing. I used to bring my laptop or netbook, but this year I decided to try writing by hand and it’s worked out well. Although normally I don’t like switching between stories (when I’m home again, I’m back to the laptop and a different story) when they’re both shorts from the same series it’s not too difficult.

I have a decision to make. The Cities of Luna, Volume One will come out this fall from Distinguished Press. It will be a collection of about ten stories. I will also have one story that comes out as a stand-alone, and then another stand-alone short story will come out every full moon indefinitely. When a handful of new stories are out, another collection will be released.

I’m trying to decide whether to start an entire new site/blog dedicated to the series, or whether the page on this blog is enough. I’m leaning towards a dedicated site, mostly because I want people to be able to type in and reach my site. The problem is providing content… would it be worth having a dedicated site if it’s nothing more than a mini-blurb for each story, with nothing new except for a new blurb every 29 days? I can think of some cool stuff I’d like to have on the site, but I have no idea how to do it.

Yes, there ARE dragons on the moon! The story I'm hand-writing while the kids are at VCB is "Moon Dragons."

Yes, there ARE dragons on the moon!
The story I’m hand-writing while the kids are at VCB is “Moon Dragons.”

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4 Responses to Site or Page?

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I love the idea of you tucked up in the church, scribbling away. Now I want to find a church to write in…when I work on more than one related project at a time, they tend to feed one another, and that’s cool.

    Could you have a dedicated site that links back to your page on this site? I know very little about this type of thing, too..but I will be making the switch to a site next year, so I’ve been thinking about similar things.

  2. stephseclecticinterests says:

    I look forward to reading your writing. I love your dragon on the moon pic. 🙂
    I would think it would be best to post on a dedicated site once a week. If you can come up with content to do so, it might be okay. On the flipside, I’ve heard pros say it’s best for people to find you by typing in your name and having everything together in one place.
    All the best as you continue to hide and write . . . and after VBC too.

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