Moon Banner 3 covers croppedI am uber busy this week promoting One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor! I’m doing a blog tour for this release, so I’m writing a new post for almost every day.

Why “Oops?”

Because one of my ROW80 goals is to finish a short story within a few days of starting it. I started writing Schrodinger’s Cookies, one of the shorts for The Cities of Luna, but I stopped halfway and haven’t finished it yet.

The time commitment to writing-related stuff is right on target. In fact, I’m spending quite a lot of time this week doing promo and guest blog posts. But the actual writing has temporarily fallen by the wayside.

Balance. Must find balance.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to take a tour with me, here’s where I’ve been all week:

Traci Loudin’s blog talking about real lunar sites that are named after fictional characters and places: http://www.traciloudin.com/2014/12/moon-landing-names-from-fiction.html#sthash.mPEP5bVP.dpbs

Michelle Cameron’s blog talking about the post NaNoWriMo blues: http://www.michellecameron.eu/2014/12/amybeths-blog-tour.html

Geek Mountain State talking about a room that used to be a library: http://geekmountainstate.com/2014/12/08/it-used-to-be-a-library/

A wonderful review by Wendy Strain of Cities of Luna: http://www.writeonwendy.com/book-review-cities-luna-amybeth-inverness/

Traci Loudin’s blog talking about switching between Lunar SciFi and Victorian Steampunk:  http://www.traciloudin.com/

NC Narrator’s blog talking about being a writer by birth, a redhead by choice, and an outcast of Colorado by temporary necessity: http://ncnarrations.com/2000/12/10/a-writer-by-birth-a-redhead-by-choice-and-an-outcast-of-colorado-by-temporary-necessity/

Charles O’Keefe talking about the stuff that’s been thrown around on the surface of the moon: http://www.charlesokeefe.com/ (This one goes up on Friday the 12th)



About AmyBeth Inverness

A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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2 Responses to Oops

  1. John Holton says:

    Almost like you’re too busy to actually sit down and write, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ll finish the story, maybe not when you had wanted to, but sometimes taking the time away from it gives you all kinds of ideas for later.

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