The Big News of 2014

In a mutual decision between author and publisher, The Cities of Luna will no longer be published by Distinguished Press.

Last night I finalized the dissolution of my contract to publish my short stories with Distinguished Press. Since Sheepless in Seattle is scheduled to come out with the full moon on January 5 (this Monday) and many people were looking forward to the story, I will make it available for free on I hope you enjoy it!

In January, I hope to have some news about where the series is going next. Although I am looking for a new publisher, the stories may have to go back on the shelf for a while. If that happens, I will post a farewell-for-now story on in February.

Meanwhile, I have several other projects that had been put on the backburner because my energy was going mostly into The Cities of Luna. Although I love my steampunk stories, they are far from finished. The incorporeum stories are still going strong, and I’ll be sending Garden Gnome some more of those soon. The Kingdom Come novels are still some of my favorites, and I may soon send The Jubilation of the Southern Cross and Hearthsong to beta readers.

Life is busy! It is both thrilling and terrifying to be at the point in my career where I have several great stories either about to come out, or ‘on deck’ and getting ready to go. A year ago I was constantly shopping around, looking for places to send my stories. Now, I know what those places are, and I’m working furiously to make sure I send my best work to my partners and peers in the writing world who can bring it to fruition.

Fun Sheepless 03

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