The Beginning of the End

Sheep memeThere are just a couple of weeks left in the year, and just one week left in this round of ROW80. Life-wise, I’m getting my kids through their pre-holiday school celebrations (both have field trips) as well as figuring out what to do for the school teams as a thank-you gift. My goobear is in 1st and has one teacher, but several other folks who work with them in various ways. My teen has special needs, so there is a long list of people for her to thank.

Writing wise, I’m just wrapping up edits on March’s full-moon release in The Cities of Luna and I’m doing initial revisions on April’s. I also have another incorporeum story coming out in the next Biblical Legends Anthology (The Flood) and I want to work on my submission for the next antho (The Land of Nod.) I’ll also be working on a longer, stand-alone incorporeum story.

Speaking of the incorporeum, now that I’ve written more than a couple of stories about them, it’s about time I added them to my list of ‘universes’ I write in. I also need to update my stock-interview that my publisher and I keep on hand for publicity purposes. The current version has me ‘eagerly awaiting the launch of my series’ and now I’ve had 3 releases, soon to be 4.

Daily Goals?

If I condense the goals to ‘writing related stuff’ I’m putting in more than a few hours a day. As for the actual writing, I’m never doing as much as I want. I did improve last week’s problem of not finishing the short story within a few days of starting it. (I finished a 3k short.)

sheeplessworking2One of my writer ‘bucket list’ goals is to someday have a team, even a small one, where I can delegate much of the ‘extra’ stuff like promo, so I can concentrate on writing and revising. That’s not to say I won’t still be actively involved in promo…but there are many little ongoing tasks that could easily be delegated to an assistant.

On a fun note, besides the great meme you see above, I also got the cover for Sheepless in Seattle which comes out January 5!

PS: Bonus points if you can find the first Doctor Who Easter Egg in the meme above. And I’m not talking about the fact that the main character is named ‘Doc’…

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9 Responses to The Beginning of the End

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I need to read this book! Even just for the title, I mean. I’m preparing to laugh. =)

    You’ve made good progress, and you seem to have a fantastic sense of where you’re going. I’m whelmed, too! =D

  2. mrschmoe says:

    The title itself is simple and brilliant. 🙂 I can’t stop smiling.

    Anyways, itt looks like you’re have sense where the road is taking you.

  3. I, too, must read Sheepless in Seattle when it comes out! The title alone has hooked me, especially since I spin wool (when I can find my stuff and I get a Round Tuit). And I’m a pretty good Whovian, but I can’t spot the Easter Egg, darnit. I guess I need to renew my Whovian cred, huh?
    It sure would be nice to have a ‘team’, wouldn’t it? Ah, well. Maybe next year.

    • Well, no-one’s got this particular Easter Egg yet. It might be too obscure. The name “Tyne” (Who happens to be the Doctor’s wife) means “River.” She spins. 🙂
      I also named the sheep after various companions, and dedicated the story “For Amy, who has always been my favorite, and not just because we have the same name.”

      • Oh, so not only do we need to know Who, we need to also know what language, now? Gaelic? Welsh?

        That’s cool, though. And I like the dedication! Amy was one of my faves, too, though Rory rocked my world. 😉 Nose and all!

        I miss River. Her story isn’t over, of course – she’s a time traveler, too. I wanna see River with Twelve! He feels so much younger, though, than Eleven felt. As makes sense – Eleven was at the end of his cycle of regenerations, and Twelve has a full new cycle to play with, huzzah!

        Looking forward to the Christmas special!

        And by the way, do you spin or know spinners? If you want to ask me any questions about spinning, feel free. 🙂

      • I believe some of my passing-acquaintances spin. I miss going to the Highland Games in Estes Park, Colorado in September. They always had a spinning tent. Even though I was usually centered at the Highland Dancing all day, I would go and visit the spinners at least once.

      • I’m sure, if you were to ask on Twitter or something, there is somebody near where you live, who can teach you spinning if you want to learn it, and can hook you up with fiber and tools. All you gotta do is ask! 😀 If I lived near you, I would do it myself.

  4. Kim says:

    Oh, that little excerpt made me giggle so much! I have a friend who I think would especially like your book. I’m going to have to get her a copy!

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