Revised Guidelines

submit lunaI always debate whether to share when I’ve submitted something. It’s nice to let my friends know that I’ve sent yet another little something to some ambiguous entity. I wouldn’t share specifics, except with my close friends.

I hit the big SUBMIT button last week. Not a little something, a big something. A novel. In the four years I’ve been writing seriously, I’ve never done that. The reasons are legion, and for the most part, they’re good.

Friday, I was working diligently, tumbling over some thoughts from my beta readers that I would like to incorporate, but might not fit in. I felt that I was at the stage where I needed to move forward, and I felt that I was finding too many reasons to put off the submission.

So I did it.

The guidelines for submission had changed since last time I looked at them. Yes, it starts with a query, but at a different address, and they wanted a few pages along with the query in the body of the e-mail. But, if they like the query, they’ll ask for five chapters (not 30 pages, as many do) and a synopsis.

So, how are my goals this week? I’ve been a busy bunny. Yesterday was life-busy, not writing-busy. My stated goal was to spend at least an hour a day editing (at the proof-reading level now) but I had to revise that to include writing the synopsis, should the agent ask for it. I’m a big believer in being prepared, and if I know what the agent will ask for, I should have that ready to go. Since the proofreading of the first book is completely done and the second (it’s a duology) is almost done, I easily put together files that each contained the first five chapters. I’m working on the synopsis now, then back to finishing up the proof of the second book.

So, has anyone else had to revise their goals already?

Also…although I’ve cut back on my blogging in order to finish this duology, I’m always open to guest posts! So if you’re doing a blog tour, or have a cover reveal or new release, my schedule is pretty open. Spec Fic or Romance are the best fits, but I’m open to others. Send gmail to USNessie.

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1 Response to Revised Guidelines

  1. nagrij says:

    Good luck, and yes, I had to revise some goals. Seems I can’t write full novel and three short story chapters all at once. The novel has a life of its own!

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