Disney Dreams

Disney Dream NassauMy writing for the week?

I took the week off.

I’ve planned this for more than a year.

We finally did the Disney vacation! Three days at Art of Animation, spending a day at the Magic Kingdom then a Day at Epcot. (Actually, I only spent a couple hours at Epcot before bringing my 7yo back to the hotel…she was suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration after overdoing it the day before.) Then three more days cruising on the Disney Dream to the Bahamas.

Did I write? Nope! I made a single journal entry, and that’s it. I did a few little things like check e-mail and posted a few SciFi Questions of the Day, but my time was dedicated to my family for the week.

So the ROW80 goals are right on. I planned for this to be a vacation week. I submitted to an agent before vacation. She liked my query and now I’m waiting to hear if she liked my sample chapters. I have a manuscript from a friend that I’m going to critique, so I won’t be back to my own writing for at least another week.

Anyone else taking time off from writing?Disney Castaway Cay

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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2 Responses to Disney Dreams

  1. jillian Kane says:

    so awesome amybeth you guys look great happy, sounds like you had alot of fun, Thanks for sharing some of your photos the water looks beauitful, ive never seen the ocean before!! Hope you all made it back safe and sound, anna and reva are gnna have alot to share next week when back to school!!!!!!

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