I’m Too Sexy

william-shatner-shirtless-3Sometime in the early nineties, when I discovered Star Trek conventions, I led a group of fans from the University of Wyoming down to Denver for what is still one of the best cons anywhere, Starfest. One of the highlights in those days was the fan-produced spoofs and videos. One that sticks out in my memory is Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy with a montage of SmexyKirk being…smexy. Seeing that video in a room full of Star Trek fans, all seeing it for the first time, all laughing uproariously in unison, is an experience I will never forget.

I tried to find that montage or one like it on YouTube, but it looks like Right Said Fred was not happy about his song being used for the funnies. Several YouTube videos had their soundtracks removed.

These days, a dozen such memes go through my newsfeed every day, if not every hour. It is a completely different experience. I’m not sitting in a room with hundreds of like-minded people all experiencing the clip for the same time; I’m sitting all by myself sharing it with thousands of friends all around the world.

The experiences are different. Not better or worse… just different.

In writing Science Fiction, I try to figure out what different experiences human beings will find themselves in, and I explore how they might act and react. I can’t know. I can’t be right or wrong. All I can do is imagine.

So…this week?


I got a rejection. I immediately sent another query to my number two choice and dove into a new WIP. I’m attempting to pants this one…getting out the entire story in as short a time as possible. I’m also critiquing a friend’s first novel. Busy busy busy.

So, I have to ask… pantser or plotter or hybrid?

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7 Responses to I’m Too Sexy

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I’ve never been a Kirk fan…his kind of ‘sex appeal’ lacks something, for me…like maybe, oh, I dunno, pointed ears. And brains….brains are sexy…=)

    I think you’re too sexy for rejection! May the next choice be a successful one!

  2. Eden says:

    The Jim Kirk smexy was… weird. Along with his over-active acting, it just came off as juvenile prancing in a show that was supposed to be trying to be a publicly accessible science fiction series.

    Right Said Fred probably didn’t have as much of a problem with the song being used in spoofs as the their agents/producers. The song is still being used in a lot of spoofs, but ones that tend to make money for their recording company.

    Boo on the rejection. Yay on jumping right back in. That’s how this business goes.

  3. Michael says:

    Early 1990’s? You’re a young thing. My first Star Trek convention was in 1973.

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