ROW80LogocopyYeah for writing goals!

I did a lot of work this week. I was hoping to say “…and I finished The Beekeeper’s Mother” but…not yet. Close though. A chapter and a half, and I can close it up neatly and turn to my NaNo Novel. I’m doing better at doing actual writing and not just writing-related stuff, but it’s still a struggle.Steamship 2015 cover 01 with thanks

This year’s NaNo Novel is Steamship Troopers, in my Victoria Pontifex series, but I have lots of other stuff to talk about today.


Mordor 2 smallThe moon was full on Tuesday, which means the next story in The Cities of Luna came out. One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor is about a brother and sister who find themselves stranded (I-Love-Lucy-style) in an empty warehouse on the lunar regolith and have to don surface suits to walk back to their city of Mordor.

THOPC Cover 10That’s not all, folks. I’ve been working on an urban fantasy novella for a while, and all the final bits and pieces have come into place. I self-published The House on Paladin Court this weekend, and it’s available in most of the popular venues now such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The oldest house on Paladin Court has been home to Martha, Jonah, and Grandpa Donald for longer than anyone can remember. But none of the neighbors realize just how long they’ve lived there, or what they have locked in their basement.

Here’s Where I Need Your Help

I’m doing a blog tour after Thanksgiving! (That’s the US Thanksgiving on November 26) I’ll be promoting The Cities of Luna primarily, since those stories come out every month, and The House on Paladin Court secondarily. I’m looking for some gracious, friendly, and generous writers or bloggers to host me that week. I’ve already had a few friends step up. Below you can see the schedule thus far, and below that I’ve listed some possible topics for guest posts. I’m also open to suggestions, and other venues of promotion!

  • Thursday, Nov. 26
    • Kristin Van Risseghem
    • Winning NaNo and Rocking Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Friday, Nov. 27
    • Traci Loudin
    • Interview
  • Saturday, Nov. 28
    • L.J. Cohen
    • The Art Behind The House on Paladin Court
  • Sunday, Nov. 29
    • Samantha Dunaway Bryant
    • Balancing Everything During NaNoWriMo
  • Monday, Nov. 30
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1
  • Wednesday, Dec. 2
  • Thursday, Dec. 3
  • Friday, Dec. 4
  • Saturday, Dec. 5
  • I’ll add or subtract days as appropriate. I would absolutely LOVE to have so many offers that I need to add more days!
  • I am willing to double-book some days if those are the days that work best for my hosts.

Possible Topics:

  1. An Unexpected Journey: Talking about my state-to-state relocation as well as my personal writing journey.
  2. Establishing Consistency in a Created World: About world-building, specifically in SFF.
  3. Etta Jane’s Special Needs: A discussion of how the main character in The Day Lorinda Flew (released the day before Thanksgiving) was inspired by own daughter’s special needs.
  4. Lunar Nomenclature: Talking about how many features on the moon are named after fictional characters and places.
  5. Lunar vs Steampunk: Keeping my OCD brain in the right frame while I’m writing Steampunk for NaNoWriMo and promoting SciFi short stories.
  6. Lunar Reality and Lunar Fiction: Taking real-life anecdotes and weaving them into my stories.
  7. My Tagline: A writer by birth, a redhead by choice, and an outcast of Colorado by temporary necessity.
  8. Stuff They Threw Around on the Moon: An amusing look at the things that were left behind on the moon.
  9. Not a Library Anymore: A look at how the room in my parents’ house that used to be a library is now my bedroom.
  10. Urban Fantasy: Writing about fantastic characters that live in a very realistic, present-day setting.
  11. Castles and Dragons: The enduring themes.
  12. Romance: Genre vs. subgenre
  13. A basic post describing The Cities of Luna (My SciFi short stories set on the moon.)
  14. A basic post describing Lillie Lane (My urban fantasy series, which only has one novella so far.)
  15. I’m open to suggestions!

A few of these were used a year ago when I did a promo tour. They’ve been updated, and are still relevant and interesting.

If you host, I’ll send you a doc file with the post, my bio blurb, the relevant links I’m promoting, and whatever images are relevant such as my headshot and covers. I’ll send everything at least a few days in advance, probably at least a week or two ahead of time.

I’d love to see the posts go up very early in the morning, or even the night before they’re scheduled (for readers in early time zones.) They should go up no later than noon eastern time on the day they’re scheduled.

Please let me know the link as soon as it’s live, so I can share it. I also hope that you will be sharing the link on your social media of choice as well.

You don’t need to have a wildly popular blog in order to host! The more diverse an audience I can reach, the more likely I’ll find a few more readers who enjoy my stories. It’s all about discovering each other!

You can either comment on this post, or send to my Gmail which is USNessie.  Thank you!

Five Covers

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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3 Responses to Gurgleplargh

  1. Pleasant Street says:

    Your cover looks terrific:) I only just got my toes wet in steampunk once. I’ve been kind of chicken about world building. I do better in this one. But I love the genre.

    I would be willing to have you as a guest on my blog. I have mostly a poetry blog but I do have a few posts that are on other topics, so you are welcome. The one that looks the most interesting to me on your list is the one about the objects on the moon

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