ROW80LogocopyWe’re almost to the end of Round Three in A Round of Words in 80 Days! Round Four includes NaNoWriMo, for those of us who partake.  November, for me, also marks the one year anniversary of finding out that our house was being sold and we’d have to move. Last year, I ceased all work on my NaNo Novel and started prepping for the move.

My ROW80 updates during the last year have progressed from “Gotta Switch Gears to Getting Reading to Move” in the last round of 2015, to “This Round is Going to Be About Moving, Not Writing” in the First Round of 2016 to “Well, I Thought We’d Be Done Moving Now, But We’re Not” in Round Two and, now “We’re Still in Transition But I’m Trying!” in Round Three.

Round Four needs to be “Back on Track and Climbing Fast!” Moving to Colorado Springs has done wonderful things for my career in many ways. I’m self-pub’ing The Cities of Luna, and hoping to put out an omnibus of the stories in print sometime soon. Yet I still feel like we’re in transition, and in many ways, we are.

Tomorrow is the last day I have to get up before 5AM to drive hubby to work and get the girls to school. It’s the last official day of his training schedule and he’ll be moving to graveyards, which is a MUCH better schedule for him and the family as a whole. We won’t have to juggle the car as much, and three of the four of us are natural night owls. Hopefully I can do a lot more writing once the schedule is more regular.

I’ve been doing more writing in the same universe as The Cities of Luna, but set a hundred years earlier and on a space station. The station (and the series…I hope to write at least a few stories!) is called Tumbleweed. The first story, The Flip of a Coin, is being serialized on the All For Science website. A new chapter comes out every Sunday! You can read the first chapter, If Bubbles had Bones, here.


To summarize the goals: Barely scraping by for now, but ready to ramp things up.

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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4 Responses to Tumbleweed

  1. Eden says:

    Moving can be huge, not just in its awkwardness, but in the new joys it can bring… sounds like you’ve got a bit of both and have for quite a while, AmyBeth. Though…. I’ve seen how you’ve developed and increased parts of your writing/publishing career over this past year. You’re making great progress, even with the curves in the road.

    • One of the frustrations is that, in publishing, we often don’t see the rewards for months or even years after the work is done. It’s hard to honestly judge when I’m spinning my wheels vs. actually building something.

  2. shanjeniah says:

    You’re building something. I was thinking pretty much what Eden said up there. I see lots happening, and a new confidence emerging. I have two of the Luna stories (I want more, but Hamilton-related things and Latin books to explore with my boy who wants to learn have used up the relatively meager book budget for now). Eventually, I’ll read them – but I think I’ll go read your new story chapter today, and maybe, somehow, that will help?

    It might also help to know that you inspire me. =)

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